Operation Staycation - Summer Vacation is upon us!

Operation Staycation - Summer Vacation is upon us!

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Summer 2020 is upon us. The days are longer, the sun is brighter, and finally… no more homeschooling. This has been a difficult couple of months for all of us. We shouted, “Happy New Year”, blinked, and it was July. Although the last few months seem like a blur, we sure are left feeling exhausted and dizzy. Change can be a difficult pill to swallow, especially when unprecedented. Our dreams have turned vivid, anxiety levels have risen, and we now must host zoom business meetings in our KITCHENS. We all deserve a nice vacation. Though travel is limited, our creativity soars. Operation Staycation is a go! Here are our tips and tricks for a relaxing vacation at home.

Whether your staycation is one week, or one day, we are going to be channeling sunny buns, pina coladas, and relaxation through it all. First and foremost, delete those work apps and turn your phone on silent! There is no such thing as “per my last email” or zoom meetings in this fantasy vacation we are curating in our homes. In fact, the only work we will be doing is working on our healthy tan glow. Some of us may have a yard, a pool, a balcony to lay out on and feel the sun grace our bodies. Others may only have a clean window… and let us tell you, that works too! The point is to feel the warmth of a summer day that transports us to that dream Hawaii vacation.       vacation expectation vs reality

Come on, a vacation is not complete without a spa day. We wish we could have a full body massage right now, but we must move on from that daydream and take a few extra steps to spruce up our daily activities. By adding a few flower petals, a couple drops of essential oils, and lemon slices, your bath will basically feel like a full body massage… well, close enough. Do not forget to light all the candles you have and play some relaxing music to completely top off your spa day.




What else would we normally do on vacation? Indulgent dinner, drinks, and dancing! Let’s take a moment to get in some evening attire we haven’t worn in months. Throw on that little black dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, apply a little red lip, wrap yourself in 1, 2, 3….10 pearl necklaces, and have yourself one elegant evening at home. Light some candles, order your favorite restaurant for delivery -YES add the dessert too- pour a glass of bubbly, and put that record on! We are channeling nourishment, self-love, and pure delight this staycation evening!



Let’s face it, the last couple of months have been strenuous on our minds, bodies, and souls. Society has had to endure more than we could have ever imagined, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The “roaring twenties” are no joke! During such unprecedented times, we cannot forget ourselves. You may think it’s selfish to think about yourself, but we can not spread love if we do not love ourselves. A week, one day, one night, whatever it is, just take ~time~ for some you time.

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