the Pearl Paradise experience
Pearl Paradise is a proven industry leader. Founded in 1996 and brought online in 2000, Pearl Paradise has grown into the world's largest online pearl company. We offer a selection of pearls unlike any other pearl seller, online or off. Our commitment to quality, customer service and unbeatable pricing and selection has helped us become the Internet’s premier source of pearl jewelry.

We invite you to enjoy the full Pearl Paradise experience by asking questions, asking for photos, and asking for a personal appointment. In this way, our dedicated team of pearl experts will assist you in finding the perfect pearl jewel.

meet jeremy & hisano
expertise, experience and a passion for pearls.

We are uniquely different from our competitors, because of the expertise of our founders, Jeremy and Hisano Shepherd. Jeremy wrote Pearls As One, the Cultured Pearl Association of America’s Pearl Specialist Certification Course. The course has been taken my more than 90,000 students worldwide, and is considered the gold-standard educational program studied to become a certified pearl expert. Hisano has circled the globe countless times over procuring pearls from the world’s finest producers. Together, they have been offering the best pearl jewelry to thousands of happy customers for over 25 years. Every Pearl Paradise pearl has been meticulously sourced and hand-pick by Jeremy and Hisano. Rest assured, you will receive the highest quality and valued pearl available!

quality you can trust

The most important thing to understand when comparing pearl grades: Every company in the world that sells pearls uses a grading system that they themselves arbitrarily created. There is no standardized system.

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Learn about our stringent approach to grading. Why are some pearls better than others? Understanding where your pearl is from and it’s unique qualities is one of the joys of owning a beautiful pearl!

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we are all about customer care.

Pearl Paradise sources and stocks every single pearl they sell. Pearls are housed in a custom-built 1300 cubic-foot vault right in the heart of the company.  “Pieces are made to order by in-house craftspeople right in our Los Angeles location,” says Hisano. “We can make an expertly matched strand, for example, in any length, any pearl size, any color or overtone, and we can do this because every single pearl we sell is in our possession.”

For their high-end one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets, each creation is individually photographed in the in-house studio. That means the photo you see online is the actual item you’ll receive. Despite claims to the contrary, no other pearl seller does this. “And while we do use representative photography for items like earrings and pendants (due to the sheer volume of selection),” says Hisano, “if a customer requests a photo of a specific item for them to inspect, we’re happy to provide that, and we’ll hold that specific item so that if they decide to purchase, that’s the very item they’ll receive.” 

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see the pearl you are buying!

Buying an heirloom quality pearl is a big decision. Make a worry-free purchase by seeing the pearl you are buying. Pearl Paradise is the first pearl company to offer virtual appointments with a Certified Pearl Specialist. We will help you select the perfect pearl whether it’s for yourself or a gift to celebrate a very special occasion.