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What pearl type should I choose?+

What pearl type should I choose?

There are essentially four types of pearls commonly used in to create pearl necklaces: freshwater, akoya, Tahitian and South Sea.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are the least expensive and an excellent choice for your first pearl necklace. They have a wide range of sizes, shapes and natural colors. The finest pearls are almost perfectly round with surfaces free from blemishes and high luster.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Akoya Pearls

If you’re looking for a classic pearl necklace, akoya may be the best choice. Akoya pearls are the originals. They are the first pearl type to be grown in Japan most than a century ago and have long been the most popular, classic choice.

Akoya pearls tend to be more conservative in size and are known for their perfect round shape and sharp luster. The finest necklaces, such as our natural white hanadama line, have subtle overtones that appear to float over the surface of the pearls creating a surreal effect. They almost appear to glow!

Akoya Pearl Necklace

Tahitian Pearls

If you’re looking for something unique, dark and exotic, a Tahitian pearl necklace may be the best choice. These pearls are grown only in French Polynesia and are very popular.

Tahitian pearls are on average larger than most freshwater and akoya pearls. They come in a wide range of natural colors and beautiful shapes, from round to drop and even baroque. Because each necklace is unique, every photographed piece is the actual one you will receive.

Tahitian Pearl Necklace

South Sea Pearls

Grown in the pristine waters of NW Australia and off the coast of Palawan in the Philippines, South Sea pearls are the largest and most valuable of all pearls – a South Sea pearl necklace is considered the Rolls Royce of pearls.

Most South Sea pearls are either white or gold – both colors are completely natural and undergo no treatments. The pearls are large and often considered a “bucket list” item for people who love pearls. If you’re looking for a statement piece, a South Sea pearl necklace may be the best choice, and because these pearls are so unique, every photographed strand is the actual one you will receive.

South Sea Pearl Necklace
Selecting the perfect pearl size+

Selecting the perfect pearl size

Pearls are measured in millimeters and pearl necklaces are described in a range of millimeters such as 7.5-8.0 mm or 10-12 mm. The difference between a six and eight-millimeter pearl may seem tiny, but the difference is substantial. Because of the shape, a two-millimeter difference gives a pearl nearly twice the volume – they appear twice as big.

If you’re considered a classic pearl necklace, the most popular sizes ranges is between seven and nine millimeters. Strands smaller are ideal for young women and larger strands are perfect for professional settings.

What length suits you best?+

What length suits you best?

There are four common pearl necklace lengths: choker, princess, opera and rope. Each length offers a different look and an overall different experience with your strand of pearls.

A 16-inch, choker-length pearl necklace is ideally suited for a petite woman and sits just above the collar bone. This is a great length to add subtle elegance to a button down while also perfectly complementing a more formal outfit.

The most popular length is the Princess length and the standard is 18 inches. This is the safest choice if you’re unsure what length is best suited for you. A princess-length pearl necklace will typically sit just below the collar bone and works well with any style outfit.

Longer strands of pearls, such as the Opera strand, range from 26 to 35 inches and offer more versatile options. They can be worn long as a single strand extending below the bust, or you can have fun with the strand, doubling it up or even knotting it in the middle.

The pearl rope is a strand measuring more than 36 inches. The most popular rope lengths are approximately 50 to 60 inches. These necklaces are the ultimate in versatility and a perfect fashion-forward choice.

Pearl Necklace Lengths
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