Free Shipping and Returns

Free Shipping Both Ways = ZERO Risk!

We are the only online pearl retailer offer FAST, FREE and EASY shipping in both directions!

So often you’ll find “free shipping” offered online only to find out that if you decide to return your order you need and RMA and you have to pay for the return shipping. Some companies even charge you the original “free” shipping amount. How is that free or easy?

At Pearl Paradise, we believe free shipping should be exactly that - free shipping - in both directions with no hidden fees. We also believe it should be easy, which is why we include a pre-paid return label with every within the United States.

Step 1

Every item that is shipped from Pearl Paradise comes with a free return label in the event you need to use it.

Step 2

Simply affix the label the the packaging that came with your pearls or your own packaging.

Step 3

After your package is ready, just call FedEx (1-800-GOFEDEX) for a free pick up or drop it off at any postal center. That's it!