little h: pearls reimagined

Handcrafted by the skilled artisan Hisano Shepherd in her Los Angeles studio, Little h jewelry showcases a breathtaking fusion of artistry and nature. With her expertise as a pearl buyer, Hisano sources rare and unique pearls not readily available in US markets, giving each piece a distinct allure.

Reclaimed rubies, sapphires, and emeralds find new life in her creations, igniting them with renewed brilliance. Embracing the charm of imperfection, every item is one-of-a-kind, making them wearable works of art. Handle these treasures with the same love and care poured into their making, and let Little h jewelry enchant you for a lifetime.

Our most gifted Pearls

Best Sellers

The best sellers are the basic necessities for anyone’s jewelry box. Ranging in styles, colors, and sizes, these fan favorites will not disappoint.

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Virtual Pearl Shopping Appointments

Virtual Appointments

Enjoy a personalized video consultation with a Certified Pearl Specialist who will assist you with styling tips, answer all of your burning questions, and help build your dream jewelry box collection!

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Very Important Pearls

Very Important Pearls

Hand-selected by CEO Jeremy, these pearls are exceptional, to say the least. Varying in shapes, sizes, and immaculate overtones- pick your pearl and pick your setting to complete the piece of your dreams!

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Pearl Necklaces


Classic to exotic, round to baroque, assorted sizes and special finishes. Make a statement or wear every day.

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Pearl Bracelets


Timeless and versatile. Our bracelets add just the right sparkle to your jewelry collection!

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Tahitian Pearl Earrings


Using the absolute finest pearls in the world, we make every pair of pearl earrings in-house.

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