Our Inventory

Directly from pearl farms to Pearl Paradise...

At Pearl Paradise we pride ourselves on having one of the largest pearl inventories in the United States. With a full range of cultured Akoya pearls, South Sea, Tahitian, and Freshwater pearls, our inventory exceeds 1,000,000 pearls. This is equivalent to more than 17,000 strands, or almost 1000 pounds of pearls! All of our inventory is stored on our premises in a custom-built, 1300-cubic-foot vault.

The reason we carry such a large inventory is simple:

Our founder Jeremy Shepherd and his wife Hisano, personally travel to Asia and the South Pacific several times each year bringing back thousands of loose pearls and loose strands to our offices. Each of these pearls that they hand-select from the absolute top percentage of every harvest are hand-carried back to the United States, and expertly strung and finished locally.

Our pearls are the best value in the United States, and we sell more pearls than any other single pearl store in the country. Because we source and sell our pearls on such a high-volume basis, we are able to offer the top quality pearls at prices unparalleled by any other retail outlet. Price for quality, we have no competition - period.

Compared to a jewelry store, our company is structured very differently. Selling at such a high volume allows Pearl Paradise to source in bulk directly from pearl farms, which means we are paying dramatically less for our pearls than other pearl sellers. Providing us with an added edge, we are the only consumer-direct pearl retailer in the world that owns a pearl farm in China. Being internet-based, we reach a far broader (national and international) customer base than a small, local brick-and-mortar store possibly can.

Additionally, although our showroom/office is nearly 3500 square feet, we operate primarily as an office, so our overhead is much less. Whereas a traditional storefront requires expensive retail space, display cases, security, staffing, and advertising, we've eliminated these costly expenses, which has an great impact on pricing.

Lastly, with online orders coming in continuously from all over the country and the world, our turnover is so quick that we never add the typical 300% profit margin that jewelry stores do - our profit margins are trimmed down so that you get the best deal the first time you shop.

Ultimately, we want our customers to make educated choices when shopping for pearls.

We always encourage our customers to compare our pearls to the ones for sale in their local jewelry shop or department store, so that they can see for themselves what the same strand, identical in size, color, and quality, would cost at regular retail prices. Whenever they do, those happily surprised customers come back to us with glowing words.