Customer Reviews And Testimonials

From Kelly

"Holy doodle! The pearls I ordered 2 days ago from Canada came today. Now that has to be some kind of record. I gotta say, two thumbs up to you good people from here in Canada. I asked for a cooler color strand to suit my coloring and gosh allhenry, that's what you sent. The pearls are very nice I must say. I like them very much, and your customer service was top notch. Not that I've ordered many things mind you and never pearls (my first pearls these are), but I can't imagine there is much to improve on. Good for you all. Now for the pearls. Damn they're nice. I'm a picky and choosy person and these have me completely happy. Well just thought I'd drop you a line and say thanks for taking such good care of me. Bit of a gamble for me ordering across the border, but I would do it again now for sure."

Kind regards

From Barbie

"The photos are a few days later than the post about the day I received them, but that's because me and technology give each other the side-eye - finally worked up my nerve to download pics and upload onto the forum. My best friend will be ordering pearls from you - she saw mine and said, I MUST HAVE!!! Everyone has been quite interested in my pearls, from my therapist, to my boss, to the strangers who comment on them (they're big suckers, aren't they! can't help but notice 'em!), so I do tell them the website, but I was wondering, if you are able to send me a couple dozen business cards, I am the sort of person who hands things out and speaks excitedly about things I like. And OMG, what is the October special? I'm dying to know! Thanks again, and have a great week!"

Love, Barbie

From Jan

"I have just received my package from Fedex with my magnificent pearl earrings. They are spectacular! Just amazing! The quality is the best, the price incredible and I am once again thrilled with all services of Pearl Paradise. The BEST! I also cannot believe that they were dispatched yesterday in the States and I received them here in Tokyo a day later! Wonderful service. I would not dream of purchasing from anyone else. Thank you also Mia once again for your kindness and all the help that you gave me whilst purchasing my gorgeous earrings!"

From Tom

"Jeremy, I've been buying jewelry for my wife for 41 years now, beginning with her engagement ring in 1971. She now has about 15 pieces of what I would classify as "very fine" pieces, mostly diamonds, emeralds, opals, gold, and now South Sea Pearls. All of these purchases have been made at "brick and mortar" high end jewelry stores and I have been most pleased with each and every one of them-she has too, by the way! My point in telling you all this is simply to say that I have never received the level of customer service that I have experienced recently with Pearl Paradise. In every respect, PP has hands down "stolen the show" in this regard and in every other measure one could apply. To achieve this with an Internet based business is a rare and wonderful thing in today's world, and, as you might expect, I am a harsh critic when it comes to this kind of thing. Thank you insuring that we will have a wonderful 40th anniversary.

My best wishes to you and Hisano, and the entire PP team for continued success,

From Tamara

"The Pearl set we ordered for our daughter's college graduation arrived and we are very impressed. The presentation box is lovely and the care guide and appraisal certificate are greatly appreciated. Most important, the set is absolutely LOVELY. I know she will be as proud to wear them as we are to give her such a beautiful heirloom quality gift. Thank You"

From Beth in Healdsburg, CA

"I purchased the 7.5-8.0 Freshadama Romantic Collection Pearl and Diamond Dangle Earrings. The customer service was fantastic! The earrings arrived the next day and were even nicer than expected, if that's possible. In looking at your website, afterwards, I noticed that you also offer Akoya Grade Pearls. I called your customer service number and spoke with Trevor. He was very helpful and explained the differences between the various grades. I ended up deciding to return the Freshadama and purchase the Hamadana Grade Pearls in the same earring style. Trevor processed the new order for me and I received the new earrings the next day. They are absolutely fabulous and so reasonably priced for so fine a quality! I can't say enough good things about your company and the customer service I received! Your follow-up after the sale is excellent and the quality of your pearls and settings is the best. It was truly a pleasure dealing with your company. I will not hesitate to order from you again or to refer Pearl Paradise to others."

From Jay in Toronto, Ont, Canada

"I am writing to say how impressed I am with your service and your product. Yesterday I had an online chat with one of your customer service Reps, named Allison. She was very helpful. When we finished our chat I placed my order for Freshadama Pink Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings. Much to my surprise and delight my order arrived today before 12pm - all the way from California to Toronto, Ontario is less than 24 hours. The pearls are very beautiful and I can not wait to give them to my wife - I know she is going to love them. Only hard part now is keeping them to myself from today (Wednesday) until Friday when we go out for a special dinner and I give them to her. Thank you very much for your prompt service."

From Barb in Toronto, ONT Canada

"To save space and time, imagine me saying OMG! OMG! OMG! for the next seven or eight lines! I just got them, 10 minutes ago. Looked up from desk and there was the Fedex lady with my box. I am GOBSMACKED at the speed of the service, having ordered Tuesday afternoon and by Thursday at 11:00 am my custom order has been strung shipped and has arrived, from California to Toronto, Canada! I asked her if she wanted to see what I got - she never gets to see what people buy. We both moaned in pleasure at the beautiful pink necklace, which glows and enchants. (I have a mirror by my computer and cannot stop staring at my necklace and earrings). I gave her the website address and she had to leave, but seeing those pearls made her day, she said. I was worried about buying "sight unseen" but definitely you have "seen" into my heart and wishes because this is something I would have wanted and bought if I had found it at a store in person. I love my little dangles and their delicate jiggle. I love the Pearl Paradise tissue paper, and the great boxes, and the appraisal forms, and the DVD and the pearl care cloth - it's a whole THANG of pearliciousness! I will be posting pics and my pleasure on the Pearl forum. Thank you so much for your speedy service and my first PP experience has been delightful. I look forward to many more Fedex boxes in my future! Bless you all for bringing beauty into this world."

Love, Barb

From GS in Worcester, MA

"I wanted to express my satisfaction with the very beautiful pearls your company sells. For my daughter's high school graduation in 2009 I searched high and low (pearl jewelry stores, mall stores, jewelry wholesalers, on-line, etc., even asking someone to create a necklace) for the best natural saltwater pearls. When I located your web site I thought the pearls looked lovely, the prices were very good, and the return policy was sound. I purchased a necklace (6.5-7.0 mm White Akoya Pearl NecklaceSelect Clasp - YG Fishook Select Overtone - Silver Select Strand - 18" AA+ Quality) and gave it to my daughter prior to her graduation. She loves the necklace and looked so beautiful during her graduation. At graduation her school does not dress in caps and gowns, each girl wears a white dress and carries a single pink rose and the boys wear dark suits. The pearls were just the right touch for this occasion and she's since worn them several times. I think this beautiful pearl necklace will become a family heirloom piece handed down mother to daughter for many years. Also, along with the pearls your company sent a DVD describing the harvesting/sale of pearls. This was so interesting, I was happy to learn about this sustainable method of harvesting pearls I could definitely see your enthusiasm and how much you loved your work. Beginning with the easy ordering, easy return policy, and then the quick delivery of the lovely necklace in the beautiful presentation box it was all in all a wonderful experience. I would not hesitate to purchase again from Pearl Paradise and would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for high quality genuine pearls at reasonable prices."

From Jon in Edinburgh, UK

"I came in Monday morning having sworn whilst sorting out the bills and finances over the weekend to not spend any money... (we have moved into a Victorian house that is eating away at our finances, a money pit with a huge mortgage!) I received your email with the generous offer to existing customers and thought "I'll take a look, what harm is there in looking..." My wife's birthday is on the 16th of June and on Monday I was a present short of marital harmony. I really loved the mixed colour freshwater pearl necklace you had on offer. I vacilated a whole 1 minute and then ordered on line. To my amazement, (I decided to go for Federal Express as they are usually rapid and claim back the value added tax etc after delivery) the necklace was on my desk in Edinburgh this Morning. That is less than 48 hours since I ordered it from California. Now, had you brought the necklace personally, you might have just about made it to my house about 12 hours quicker.... only joking. Can I say how delighted I am with the pearls. They are gorgeous and the lustre, colour(s) and weight are all fantastic. My only sadness, since my last order with you included pink and black stud pearl earrings, was that I didn't have the presence of mind to order some lavendar stud earrings to go with the necklace. (My wife already had white South sea stud earrings before I discovered your much superior company...). What service and what a company. By the way the DVD you sent was fascinating and will be kept for future re-viewing. Can I thank you for the amazing necklace at that amazing price. I am unsure if I will be able to resist giving them to my wife early...."

From Ron, writing from Paris

"The Pearl necklace and earrings were a tremendous hit and were absolutely fabulous! They were an important element of the trip to Paris with my wife and added to the great atmosphere and enjoyment of our time in the City of Lights. We stayed a block up from the Place Vendome, home to many of the finest jewelry shops and boutiques in the world. Without fail, as we were window shopping among the many upscale jewelry boutiques, we felt that your Tahitian pearl necklace equalled or surpassed the quality of pearls we saw. Regrettably the weather was largely uncooperative, being mostly cloudy with light rain on most days, so I did not get a good photo from atop the Eiffel Tower as I had hoped to have. In lieu of the Eiffel Tower, my wife posed for a few nighttime shots in front of the Arch de Triomphe, which I have included. The picture quality is limited and slightly out of focus due to my pocket camera and my inferior skills, and certainly do not do your great pearls justice, but please rest assured that their beauty is greatly admired by both my wife and myself."

From Dolores in Chester, NJ

"I have ordered from you twice now (actually three times with my little order today) and I have some real concerns. First of all, I have never really been a pearl lover. Never saw any that I really liked, never really saw the allure, didn't understand. I like to think of myself as a diamond girl, but, with the price of diamonds being what they are, I strayed into the world of colored stones and then....pearls. I read forums (I'm great at reading forums...)and decided to order the fresh adamas. Holy crap....where have these been hiding???? I must be missing something somewhere as to why they're so much less than the others....but I want them. Lots of them. Many of them. More and more and more of them!! I love them to death, and I have two daughters who have now discovered pearls!!!! It's an affliction of sorts. I'll be ordering strands for them as well for the holidays (althought the fresh adamas will be mine alone for awhile. I'm glad i found you. I love the product and the service has been great!"

Thanks so much, Dolores Dunne

From J. Semmes in Fayetteville, NC

"WOW!!!! You and your team hit a home run with this strand of south sea pearls. This was a great 31st wedding anniversary present to my wife. I really did my homework spending as much as two months of research and dealing with four internet suppliers and 3 retailers. You beat them all hands down in all areas: quality, cost and customer service. It is no wonder why your sales are increasing each year. I will definitely refer you to others looking for pearls and I will certainly be a repeat customer. Thanks again to you and your team."

From Janine in Yucaipa, CA

"I read about you in Newsweek and I was blown away with the service.and I have made many Internet purchases over the last 5 years. The young lady who took my order was more than helpful, and as a late 20+ in age, she helped me choose pearls that I am going to give my 30 year old daughter for her birthstone in June! I received my order in 3 days and two days later I received a handwritten note to guarantee an exchange plus wrapping paper and a card that I could write in to complete the personal message of the gift I am giving.CUDOS all around for taking Web purchases to a level that surpasses retail! I am already telling the people that I work with.if you want to give a special gift talk to me and I will give you anniversary, Xmas ideas! Virginia"

From Lance in Bellevue, WA

"Thank you for your messages. I appreciate your excellent customer service-you can be assured that any pearls I buy in the future will be from Pearl Paradise and I'll share your company's information with my family and friends."

Best regards, Lance

From Patricia in Bradenton, FL

"Thank you so much sending me the pearls and accompanying appraisal so quickly! I just love the whole set. I can't tell you how impressed my husband and I are with your service and product. Also a thank you to Jeremy."

Thanks again. Patricia

From Edward in Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom

"My wife received her pearl necklace today and loves it, thank you very much! I still can't believe what a deal I got. Thanks very much."


From Patrick in Rathnew, Wicklow County, Ireland

"Thanks again for your rapid response. Incidentally this will be the 2nd set I have purchase for my wife. Since the first set was so very well received, hopefully the contrasting set will be a nice present for her. You gave me a good service at Christmas and it looks like the same is forthcoming. My friend bought this same set for his wife and they were well pleased too. Thank you."