Do you know pearls? You will now - Pearls As One!

Do you know pearls? You will now - Pearls As One!

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We have stumbled across an unprecedented amount of time on our hands to learn things we never thought we would have the time for. Some of us have taken this time to learn how to cook, learn a new language and even play the ukulele; others have organized that closet we’ve been needing to get to for years, and don’t even get us started on the amount of sourdough bread we have consumed… it’s a lot!

As we all endure these moments of quiet, we invite you to take the Cultured Pearl Association of America's course, Pearls As One. The course is $599, but it was written by our CEO Jeremy Shepherd, so we can offer it for FREE! Just use the coupon code, PP10951.

It's going to fill those quiet moments with luster!

A look inside the Pearls As One Course

Jeremy has taken years of pearl knowledge and bundled it into one beautiful course for anyone to learn and enjoy. The only thing is that this gift of a course is not wrapped in a big red bow… but we can deal with that! Can you guess which pearls are considered the “Rolls Royce” of pearls? Or which pearls are to not be mistaken for a delicious dessert? (Hint: the yummy picture below)

Fine Colorful Souffle Pearls
Rare, colorful soufflé pearls

From Keshi to fireball, Akoya to Tahitian, this course offers everything you need to understand these gifts from Mother Nature.

Being a part of the Pearl Paradise team; each of us have been given the opportunity to broaden our horizons with the Pearls As One course. We cannot reiterate enough how joyous it is to assist someone in making a purchase that we know will last them a lifetime. Even simply taking a call to answer your questions gives us a sense of accomplishment. This course has given us the opportunity to help and inform, and we want you to feel the same during this time. With the coupon code PP10951, you will be able to indulge in the world of pearls at no cost.

Fill those slower moments with new pearl knowledge! We encourage you to complete the course, and give us a call. We would love to discuss, and chat with our new fellow Pearl Specialists! So feed that sourdough starter and let's get started!

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