Pearl Paradise checking in with you...

Pearl Paradise checking in with you...

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****Pearl Paradise Covid-19 Update****

Here is what we are doing now to ensure your safety and confidence while shopping with us:

  • Daily access to our offices is only available to Jeremy, Hisano, and her mom, who are sheltering in place together and practicing strict social distancing guidelines.
  • All orders are picked by Hisano
  • Orders are packed and shipped by Hisano and her mom.
  • New masks and gloves are used during every picking/packing/shipping session.
  • We are using FedEx for no-contact, expedited deliveries

The safety of our customers, our partners, and our internal team is always our number one priority. We will continue to stay up-to-date on all regulations and adjust as necessary.

Stay safe, everyone.

~ Jeremy, Hisano and the Pearl Paradise Team



Pearl Paradise checking in


In the last few weeks the day to day has become so very different for many of us and we wanted to reach out and connect in a closer way with you. We haven't updated this blog in a while, and we are planning to use it to share a little more about what's happening here at the Pearl Paradise home and hopefully hear back from you.

How are you? Is that question getting harder to answer? It doesn't seem authentic to just say, “Great!” and ignore the man behind the curtain. We have been feeling a lot like Dorothy and are ready to just rip open the curtain to reveal all our worries. Only, behind our curtain is not some phony, old man, nor our worries; behind our curtain is our Hisano - full of gratitude, love, and passion. Masked and ready to work, she has hunkered down and worked tirelessly to produce, package, and ship every single order that has come through our system. Today she said she produces every single order with gratitude in hopes the recipient will feel all her love once they open their Pearl Paradise package.

We LOVE you, Hisano!

We can’t help but feel this amount of love and devotion was instilled in Hisano by her mom… who has now joined in on the packaging fun! Momma Hisano has learned the packaging and shipping ways of Pearl Paradise and offered Hisano a helping hand. The two of them have been hard at work, full of smiles, and full of love while keeping Pearl Paradise’s wheels turning.

We love you Momma Hisano!


Pearl Paradise team zoom call

Although the rest of the team is working remotely, we connect every day via phone calls, video chats, and thoughtful gifts being left on our doorsteps from fellow team members. Everyday we host our “Gratitude Circle” via zoom, which gives all of us a moment to pause and reflect on the beauty that still surrounds us. We miss our office birthday party celebrations, and our conversations when passing each other in the halls, but we look forward to sharing the same space again soon!

While we are so appreciative of the opportunity to work from home and spend time with our families (human and fur), staying inspired is different these days, too. Working from home sure did sound a lot more enjoyable before it was mandatory! We have been using zoom to keep seeing each others' faces and keep each other inspired by sharing tips and tricks for grocery shopping, where to find good face masks, sharing jokes, and doing general check-ins with each other to make sure everyone is doing ok. A few of us have tapped into our bread baking skills, others have turned to becoming puzzle masters!


Wading through these uncharted waters can be unnerving, stressful, and exhausting. At times, the water might reach our chest, our chins, then shortly our ears. We get ready to take our last breath of air, only to feel the water recede back our ears, then our chins, then shortly back to our chest. The waves come and go, but the ferocity of community, love, and support will last. 

We are here for you. 

We are here to stay.

We love you.

Xx  Jeremy, Hisano and the Pearl Paradise team

Pearl Paradise Jeremy and Hisano Shepherd

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