Love through a Webcam Wedding - saying "I do" to the future

Love through a Webcam Wedding - saying "I do" to the future

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The world may be evolving before our very eyes, but the thing that will never change is the love we share with one another. Love can be so exquisite, so intoxicating that we cannot imagine what life was like before meeting that significant other. The word ‘love’ holds depth, meaning, and balance. A wedding brings meaning to a couple’s future. To share that moment of unity is such a special memory you get to carry with you for the rest of your lives together. Unfortunate circumstances have halted weddings around the world; but they say you cannot stop love, and that has proven to be true… through zoom.



Love can be so powerful; you simply cannot wait for the “power vested in thee” to say when the right time will be. Our very own Pearl Paradise member, Amber, just knew that the time was right to say “I do” to her forever. The two held an intimate, physical ceremony with the eyes of their parents, and webcam to see. Then, let’s just say, Amber took “social distancing” to the next level. Guests all over the world from Australia, to Bali, streamed in to take part in such a lovely ceremony. Taking place in the verdant state of Washington; the lush backdrop with her lace, white dress was a sight to see. The smiles that rippled from face to face, on and off screen, meant we were all there for one thing; to bask in the love that was emanating from those woods.


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Though this is a strange, and frightening time for most; we must not forget the love. The hugs, the smiles, the laughter… Through Amber’s “Webcam Wedding”, we were able to feel the warmth once again. Gazing over all the different attires people chose to wear, to which room they chose to watch it in, to the different time zones… Being able to take part was truly breathtaking. We wish Toby & Amber a lifetime of love, compassion, and strength as they walk into their new future together. Mazel Tov!

Photography by:
Linden Photography
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