Bert Pearl

Pearl Paradise is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of The Bert Pearl.


As one of the largest muppet-shaped pearls in history, it has been coveted by man and muppet alike.

After passing through several royal dynasties, it was purchased by The Count Von Count, who after counting it (one, ah-ah-ah), made it available at one of Sesame Street’s premier auction houses.


This exquisite pearl is a White South Sea circled baroque that measures 14.6 mm, and features a naturally occurring 3.9 mm nose.


The Bert Pearl prior to its current setting

Our jewelers took great care in creating its current setting, which features white freshwater pearl eyes and ears, and a Sterling Silver unibrow and coiffure.

bert down

Inquiries about The Bert Pearl can be directed to any of our team’s muppet pearl specialists.


  • Douglas McLaurin

    Oh boy! I am saddened to have just read this…had so much fun with it!

  • Kathleen

    Hilarious! How cute is that pearl!! Well done!

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