Pearl Paradise, at Your (Concierge) Service

Pearl Paradise, at Your (Concierge) Service

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Chances are when you hear the term "concierge service" you think of that friendly, knowledgeable, trusted advisor behind a desk at a luxury hotel who is there to answer questions, solve problems and get things done, whatever the need may be. But did you know that we offer that same level of service at Pearl Paradise? And while we provide it year-round, there’s perhaps a no better time to experience it than while holiday gift shopping. For example, consider the following scenarios:


·      “My significant other is dreaming of an Akoya pearl necklace, but I have no idea what that is or how to shop for it. Can you help?”

·      “For our anniversary, I’m taking my wife to Paris where we honeymooned 25 years ago. I want to give her a custom necklace—and I’d like to surprise her with it upon our arrival at the hotel in three days. Can you make that happen?”

·      “There’s a beautiful black Tahitian strand on your site, but I’m nervous about making such a substantial purchase online. Can I see it in more detail—and be assured I’ll receive that very strand?”


The answer to all of the above? Yes, of course!


“There are two things that truly set us apart from all other pearl sellers,” says Hisano Shepherd, Chief Creative Officer of Pearl Paradise. “One is the quality and value of our products, and the other is the concierge service we provide to customers. We have had some truly wild requests over the years, and we’re always happy to accommodate.”

 Pearl Paradise Concierge Preparing for a Virtual Appointment


“For starters, we’re accessible—by phone, chat, and virtual appointment,” says CEO Jeremy Shepherd, “and while that may sound like a no-brainer, that’s not always the case with other sellers.” 


Another major differentiator: Pearl Paradise sources and stocks every single pearl they sell. “Pieces are made to order by in-house craftspeople right in our Los Angeles location,” says Hisano. “We can make an expertly matched strand, for example, in any length, any pearl size, any color or overtone, and we can do this because every single pearl we sell is in our possession.”


Our Team Members Preparing Pearl Jewelry


For their high-end one-of-a-kind Tahitian and South Seas necklaces and bracelets, each creation is individually photographed in the in-house studio. That means the photo you see online is the actual item you’ll receive. Despite claims to the contrary, no other pearl seller does this. “And while we do use representative photography for items like earrings and pendants (due to the sheer volume of selection),” says Hisano, “if a customer requests a photo of a specific item for them to inspect, we’re happy to provide that, and we’ll hold that specific item so that if they decide to purchase, that’s the very item they’ll receive.” 

 One of our beautifully crafted pearl pieces

At Pearl Paradise, every item comes with a generous 90-day return policy, free shipping on purchases and returns, and a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s yet another aspect of that concierge service.


So what about the customer who doesn’t know the first thing about pearls other than they know they need to buy some for a loved one? “That can be an intimidating position,” says Jeremy, “which is why we’re here to help. Don’t know an Akoya from a South Sea or a Freshadama? That’s O.K., because we do—and we want to share our expertise. Just give us a call or start a chat, and we’ll spend the time to help you find the perfect gift. You don’t need to become a pearl expert just to make an informed purchase, but they are fascinating, natural creations, so knowing a bit about them can make the shopping experience more enjoyable. We’re your expert guides.”


With the option to request a virtual appointment, customers receive a no-pressure, as—often Hisano herself—for a guided walk through any number of our gorgeous pearls. Perhaps you want to work with a designer to create a custom strand or select the perfect pearl-and-diamond pendant? It’s all part of the concierge experience. 


And what concierge wouldn’t want to see your purchase beautifully presented? Pearl Paradise products come in exquisite, custom-designed packaging that perfectly complements the contents. Plus, most orders are shipped on the same day they are received, ensuring that your gift reaches the Plaza Athénéé in Paris on the appointed day or is under the tree by Christmas morning.


We look forward to serving you, and happy holiday shopping!


Get your holiday gifts from Pearl Paradise!

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