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Inspiration to Inception with John Dwight (plus a Black Friday announcement!)

Just in case you missed it, our designer John Dwight walked us through his Helios collection, from inspiration, to design, to lost-wax casting to the finished line! It was all on Facebook live!  We are only THREE days away from our GIANT Black Friday sale! We have hundreds ... literally hundreds of styles at door-buster pricing starting at 6 p.m. Pacific Time and updating every 12 hours through the weekend!

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A clean sweep, First, FIRST, Second and Third place!

We are so proud of our Chief Creative Officer Hisano Shepherd! As many of you know, Hisano launched her own design line, little h by Hisano Shepherd, a few years ago. She has since been making waves in the jewelry industry with her line of geode-inspired pearl jewelry. Hisano has been honored with more than a dozen prestigious awards over the past three years, but nothing could have prepared her for the CLEAN SWEEP of one major design competition this month. Instore Magazine, the publication delivered to nearly every jewelry store in the United States, hosted its annual Indesign Awards. Hundreds of professional jewelry designers from around the US submitted designs in eight different categories from colored stones, to diamond jewelry,...

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A Pearly Rose Gold Renaissance

You may have noticed a trend building if you are a fan of fine jewelry … ... ROSE GOLD!!! A collection of a few of our favorite ROSE gold pieces It’s gorgeous!!! Now what exactly is it and why is it pink??? Gold is an AMAZING metal. It has been considered valuable and precious since long before the beginning of recorded history, and for good reason! Gold’s Amazing Properties Gold can be hammered so thin, that one ounce of it (about the size of a quarter) can be turned into a sheet measuring roughly 300 square feet! One ounce of gold can also be stretched into a wire so thin (only five microns thick), that it would reach a distance...

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