A clean sweep, First, FIRST, Second and Third place!

We are so proud of our Chief Creative Officer Hisano Shepherd! As many of you know, Hisano launched her own design linelittle h by Hisano Shepherd, a few years ago. She has since been making waves in the jewelry industry with her line of geode-inspired pearl jewelry.

Hisano has been honored with more than a dozen prestigious awards over the past three years, but nothing could have prepared her for the CLEAN SWEEP of one major design competition this month.

Instore Magazine, the publication delivered to nearly every jewelry store in the United States, hosted its annual Indesign Awards. Hundreds of professional jewelry designers from around the US submitted designs in eight different categories from colored stones, to diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum and pearls. Hisano submitted a piece to the diamond category and three pieces in the pearl category. She won ... all of them.

In the diamond category, Hisano submitted a sliced South Sea pearl filled with blue diamonds, set on a three-pearl ring. Complementing the sliced, diamond-filled South Sea pearl are two intensely colorful Vietnamese akoya pearls, from one of which protrudes shards of white diamonds. She took first place!

Little H First Place Diamond Category

While her win in the diamond category was a surprise, we had hoped she would at least place in the pearl category – the category we know she deserves to win! Well, not only did she win, she won first place, second place and third place. It was a clean sweep!

First place Pearl Category - little h by Hisano Shepherd

Second place Pearl Category - little h by Hisano Shepherd

Third place Pearl Category - little h by Hisano Shepherd

This is not supposed to happen. As far as we know, this has never happened. The folks at Instore Magazine were so impressed with her success, they also named her winner of the Cindy Edelstein Memorial Award. Hisano knew Cindy personally and greatly valued her friendship. She is so honored to receive this award.

We couldn’t be more proud of her. Congratulations Hisano!

Winner of the Cindy Edelstein Memorial Award, little h by Hisano Shepherd


  • Karen M Fernandes

    Amazing designs…. Congratulations

  • BWeaves

    Beautiful and creative pieces. I love them. Congratulations, Hisano!

  • CathyKeshi

    Hisano’s designs are brilliant AND beautiful, as is she! Congratulations on the well earned clean sweep awards Hisano!!!!!

  • Judi McCormick

    So happy for you who so deservedly should have received a clean sweep! Love

  • Goldie Huttler

    Your creations are ever inspiring, each one outdoing the previous. Your creativity and talent have given the world an entirely new way to see and appreciate the beauty that is the pearl.
    Congratulations on your well deserved honors!

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