Shop Pearl Paradise's First Annual Gift Guide!

Shop Pearl Paradise's First Annual Gift Guide!

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'Tis the season to shop, and Pearl Paradise's first annual holiday gift guide is here! Thoughtfully curated for your loved ones with love; we have collections ranging in pearl size, color, and price points to help ease your pearl shopping experience this holiday season. The artistry of Mother Nature's work lies in a pearl's unique qualities, which can make purchasing a pearl gift for someone a bit challenging. We want this gift to last a lifetime, so allow Pearl Paradise to guide you down the path to finding the right gift for the right person. Let's get started!


What size pearl should I buy?


Choosing the size of the pearl is the perfect starting point. Millimeters may not be the most common unit of measurement one can visualize when making a purchase. 8.0 mm vs. 9.0 mm- is there a noticeable difference between the two? The answer is yes. 1.0 mm may not look so different online, but could make all the difference for the person receiving the gift. We have created an on-model point of reference guide for our customers to review. 

Comparing Pearl Sizes on Ear

Pearl Necklace size reference

Still not quite sure which size to choose and just need someone to tell you what to buy? The standard size we would recommend for -first time buyers would be the 7.5-8.0 mm. Give or take their age, their build, and their preference- we have found 7.5-8.0 mm sized pearls have been a gift giving grand slam. 


Which pearl color should I choose?

Now this is where you get to help your loved one express their true colors. Pearls naturally occur in numerous colors, and countless shades. From bold to pastel, pearls fall on a color spectrum, and the choice is plentiful. Keep in mind, white pearls are the most traditionally gifted during the holiday season.


    Bold Multicolor Freshwater Necklace   Pastel Multicolor Freshwater Necklace

      Bold Multicolor Freshwater Necklace         Pastel Multicolor Freshwater Necklace 

Bold Lavender Freshwater Necklace   

    Bold Lavender Freshwater Necklace           Pastel Lavender Freshwater Necklace


Are "black" pearls natural?

When referencing black Freshwater or black Akoya pearls- the color black is not a naturally occurring color. The dark colorations for these two types of pearls are achieved by using an organic dye. Our black Akoya and black Freshwater pearls are the only pearls that are dyed to get their color. The dye can leave the pearls with an array of overtones- such as blue, purple or green. Please note that Tahitian pearls are completely natural, and not treated for their dark color. 


           Black Akoya Pearl Necklace   Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace

               Black Akoya Pearl Necklace                    Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace


What if I want to REALLY impress my special someone this year?

We have pearls fit for a queen and everyone in between! South Sea pearls are considered the "Rolls Royce" of pearls- they are large and luxurious. Their size ranges from 8.0 mm to a whopping 20.0 mm. Golden South Sea pearls are natural occurring colors, and are treasured for their rich, warm tones. Varying from 14K gold coloring to 24K- these pearls are sure to impress everyone. White South Sea pearls exude opulence. Their unique luster, large size, and range of overtones will definitely make a statement. 



If you prefer a special color for your pearl purchase- you can note in the "Comments and Special Shipping Instructions" area in your cart that you prefer a specific color!


Comments and Special Shipping Instructions area

What necklace length should I buy?


Necklace lengths are best determined by the build. For a "choker" style necklace we would recommend the 16-inch pearl necklace, which typically lies just above the collarbone. The 18-inch necklace is the "princess" length, which typically lay just below the collarbone. "Opera" length will be the 26 to 35-inch necklaces, which are very versatile and typically lay on the chest. "Pearl Ropes" will be 36+ inch necklaces. Pearl rope necklaces are multifaceted- whether you wrap yourself in one, two, or three layers, or even tie it in a knot, the choice is yours. Depending on the recipients build, we would strongly suggest the 18-inch necklace length for first time buyers. 

           18 inch Freshadama Pearl Necklace   16-inch pearl necklace

                 18-inch Pearl Necklace                               16-inch Pearl Necklace


We do have one final tip for you when it comes to buying your pearly gifts... follow your heart! Fashion is subjective, to each their own, and gifts are the thought that counts- not the item. Even the fact that you read an entire blog post about buying the perfect gift means your intentions are in the right place. We curated this gift guide with love, and we hope you are able to share the love with someone special this holiday season. 


Good luck and Happy holidays! Xx

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