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Hong Kong Pearl Buying Trip Wish List Hunting - March, 2016

As usual, we hit the ground running looking for our staple items. The first day of the show reminds of those scenes we see every year on Black Friday - huge crowds rushing into the venue to shop. The Japanese Akoyas were still very high in demand especially in the Asian market and we had to push our way through the Japan Pavilion to search for the smaller Akoya strands. By now I have gotten used to squeezing myself between small pockets of space I find between people to get closer to the pearls and firmly tell other buyers to wait until I am done selecting when I see someone's hand reaching over to my "keep" pile. Since the March...

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Truly Special Vietnamese Akoya Pearls

The wait is finally over! The labor of love has finally arrived and it did not dissapoint. Our friends have worked tirelessly to create the most special color Vietnamese Akoya strands for us. Not only the farmer and his family were able to make amazing blue strands, they were also able to create stunning colors in gold, pistachio, silver blue and multi colors. The arrival of the strands took longer than anticipated but was well worth the wait.  Because of the limited quantities we are doing a special “blog only sale” for these beauties before the Black Friday rush. To give you an idea of how "blue" these blue strands are here is a comparison photo of our regular stock...

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Intense Blue Vietnamese Akoya

We had another great time in Hong Kong, although it was a shorter trip than usual. Somebody accidentally booked flights arriving Hong Kong a day late. We still found most of the pearls we were looking for so I forgave him;) While at the show, we always try to visit our friends who farm akoya pearls in Vietnam. They are a small, family-run operation that does such special things with akoya pearls, like the beauties I blogged about nearly two years ago and of course this crazy pistachio strand. This time their show was about small loose lots of special pearls! Most were quite small, but some were little monsters! While the large pearls are amazing, what really captivated my...

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Little h Collection Debut at JCK Las Vegas Show

Since I came back from our Asia trip in early March, I have been micro-focused with just one project; the Debut of little h jewelry collection at JCK Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort Convention Center. little h was accepted into the juried Design Center at JCK earlier in the year so my assistant and I have been burning the candle at both ends building the inventory. Leading up to the show, there were so many small components that needed to be built, ordered, made and researched. It felt like working on a million-piece jigsaw puzzle. Every day I tackled few pieces of my long task list and the end result was more than fulfilling. The long late nights I...

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Valentine's Day Style Guide

To celebrate the upcoming holiday we came up with two chic and lovely outfits inspired by our Valentine's Day style guide. Here is a red hot date night look: PearlParadise Valentine's Collection by pearlparadise featuring diamond rings   Here's a laid back comfy casual style for Valentine's Day: PearlParadise Casual Valentine's Day Collection by pearlparadise

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