Post-Show Pearl Projects

My entire office has been overrun with pearls since we came back from Hong Kong. Boxes filled with pearls started to arrive as soon as we came back.  It’s quite a puzzle to piece together the handwritten invoices and many strands of pearls trying to remember which pearls we got for what purpose before they all go back to our inventory.

We were able to find a lot of fun things like interesting-shaped soufflé pearls that we added to our monthly sale page, as well as the drop shaped colorful freshwater metallic strands. We also found some unique pieces like the pistachio akoya strand Jeremy blogged about a few days ago.

My first project was to pair up all the white metallic drops. We were excited to get some intense 8-10 mm drops this time.

Jeremy and I were able to get a handful of natural-colored, drop-shaped metallics too.  Do you see those giant round-looking pairs mixed in with the drops? Those are the famous 'Edison Pearls.' The colors are absolutely amazing!

During the show I started to collect 2 special items. One was the deep lavender freshwater drops.

These were mixed in a pile when we were sorting for the metallics. It’s very difficult to get deep rich lavender hues so I started to keep them aside whenever I saw them. I brought back a small lot of 10-11 mm and 11-12 mm and was able to make one card of pairs.
Another item that I started collecting was perfectly shaped teardrop pearls.

I have no clue what I will be doing with these but I am sure I will be collecting more at the next show.

Now that the pairs are done I am on to the next pearly projects!


  • Mrs. PearlParadise

    Those are great design suggestions!! It’s very exciting to ponder what we can do with these beauties. Have you thought about entering your designs to CPAA Pearl design contest?

  • Rob Ayotte

    Those tear drop pearls..Oh, I can give you lot’s of uses, these are the things that designers long to find.

    For example, make a match with a round, then stack them for an earring set. Or better, use them on the bottom of a 15thC inspired broach/pendant. over the ear wire with a pearl that rest at the top of the ear, and the drop that comes down at the base after the metal is curled.

    Oh so many thing. Match with colored stones and the world of designs are unlocked. Just stunning.

  • Brenda Smith

    Heavenly! I still can’t identify why pearls touch my soul but I love them. Thanks for sharing.

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