Pearl Promise Ring

This pearl ring has quite a story. Jeremy purchased some loose freshwater pearls during one of his visits to China. He had never seen such a strong metallic luster with color-shifting overtones before.

He took the pearls to Guaymas, Mexico to show them to Pearl-Guide members; Caitlin, Blaire and Douglas. He left for Mexico few days earlier than I and by the time I arrived the lot was gone. We searched the hotel room but no luck - someone had stolen the bag of pearls. Caitlin and Blaire were heart broken. They had each picked a pearl for themselves but selected the most amazing color shifting metallic pearl for me, telling Jeremy that he was not allowed to give that pearl away to anyone but me.

We went home few days after empty handed. But a few weeks later, Douglas who runs the Sea of Cortez pearl farm in Guaymas, contacted Jeremy. He got a bag full of pearls that looked exactly like the lot that was lost from a girl who claimed that a American gave them at the hotel where she worked. Knowing what really happened, Douglas took the pearls back from her. I was finally able to meet the special pearl.

The pearl is oval with perfectly smooth surface and the most amazing part about this pearl is the shifting of the colors. In a dimly lit room, the pearl looks gold. In a natural light it is actually pink to green. The luster is so sharp that you can see your reflection on the pearl.

A couple of months later, Jeremy and I were off on vacation and had an eight hour layover in Paris on our way to Istanbul. Jeremy took me to the Eiffel tower.  It was a sizzling hot summer day with no air conditioner in the subway and huge line of tourists waiting for the elevator to go to the top of the tower. We didn’t have a whole lot of time and started climbing the stairs. We were both drenched with sweat when we got midway when we finally took the elevator to the top.

As I watched the breath taking view of Paris, he took the ring out from his pocket and placed the ring on my finger.  It was such a romantic moment and I was so surprised by the ring.  I later found out that my very good friend and our custom jeweler Takayas Mizuno created the ring for us.  Now this pearl ring accompanies everywhere I travel.

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  • Coral Levang

    THIS is exquisite! I am a ring, pin and earring person, rather than necklace or bracelet. Thank you for sharing this photo.

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