Amazing Pearl Finds at Hong Kong Sept Show

Jeremy examining strands of freshwater pearls

Our main goal for the show was to buy our main stock items for the holidays. It took hours and hours every day selecting large quantities of Akoya and Freshwater strands but we were still able to take a break and find some exceptional pearls.

Crazy metallic Edison pearls

Giant Edison freshwater pearls with insane colors

I am particularly happy with our new Edison pearls. Last season we purchased some beautiful buttons but this time I was able to select large Edison drops. These drops have very smooth clean surface with very little blemishes. I selected over 20 pairs and a handful of loose. The colors are mostly lavender with copperish overtones, few metallic-like luster with green overtones and beautiful pale pink. These warm tone 14-15 mm drops are perfect for Fall/Winter outfits!
We were also able to get some nice near perfect round white and lavender Edison pairs in 14-15 mm. These earrings will be such a perfect statement pieces.

Hisano matching giant white Edison freshwater pearls

Another amazing find was baroque loose Vietnamese Akoya pearls. The colors and luster on these pearls are breathtaking.

Vietnamese akoya pearls unlike any we've ever seen

Baroque, natural color akoya pearls from Vietnam

This is the farmer who created the unique pistachio strand Jeremy blogged about in July. His two daughters exhibit at the HK show every year and I became good friends with them. It is very rare for them to get something this large (8-10 mm) and with this luster. These pearls took 3 years into making and the farmer stopped producing them because of the low survival rate of the mollusks. Some of these pearls were the daughters’ favorites and they were very gracious to offer them to us. They also had a small loose lot of silvery blue baroques and I made few pairs. Now I need to come up with something exceptional to showcase these beauties.



  • Jeremy

    We do have a small collection of special blues, but not the ones in the photos above.

    They are, of course, 100% natural color.

  • Ishtar

    Are any of these blue pearls still available? I’m only interested if they are naturally colored, not dyed. Thank you.

  • Lizabeth Kane

    Oh my what lovely shades of cool colored summer blues and greens! I am amazed at these natural colored and would really like to inquire if/or when these magnificent pearls would be available for sale.
    From a June Baby,

  • Mrs. PearlParadise

    Hi Jennifer,
    Aren’t they amazing? I was designing some settings for these beauties but we had so many requests from our customers from this blog that we’ve been selling them as custom pieces. I still have few left that I will be making into pendants and earrings!

  • Jennifer Heebner

    Those blues are insane!!! Hisano, are they in the store yet?

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