Some very, very special Tahitian pearls next week!

We have something very special coming up for you next month!

As most of you know, every year in the fall we try to do something new with Tahitian pearls. We've brought in large lots of intense peacock drops, which we drilled and matched into AAA and gem quality strands. We've done a dark Rikitea collection that featured a lot of blue and cherry strands. We've done one year of pastels and even one collection of white Tahitians.

We've got something special again this year.

Back in March, we met with a buying group in Hong Kong to discuss creating a collection of multi-color Tahitian strands that would be really, really special. The idea was to create a collection using only A/B graded lots (that's AAA to Gem), and match in special, intense Rikitea colors to create strands that exhibit more body character than the deepest Tuscany Red.

Last week we got to see these strands, and if you follow us on Instagram, you may have gotten a sneak peek!

Multicolor Tahitian strands from Rikitea

We weren't able to make many of these, and our Fall Tahitian promotion is one of the most popular we hold every year, so went on a hunt for all things special in Tahitian pearls, and we stocked up!

A sea of fine Tahitian pearls

Natural color Tahitian pearls in AAA and Gem quality

Dark and pastel, natural-color Tahitian pearls

Tahitian pearls selected for the big Fall Pearl Paradise promotion

The annual Tahitian pearl promotion starts next week, so watch out for that email!

Not only did we bring all these pearls in, we were able to get two special lots from an auction that we plan to drill and match into strands in the coming weeks - nearly 5000 dark peacock circles and FINALLY, ONCE AGAIN, the long-awaited dark peacock drops.

Stay tuned for those :)

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  • Barbara ellen Brooke

    Oh how I wish I could afford even small earrings in these pearls. But unfortunately, right now I am retired and living only on my S.S. But I will love looking at them on-line.

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