What to do with 5,600 peacock drop Tahitian pearls!

If you follow our Facebook page you would have seen the post below where Hisano and I were having fun sorting a peacock drop lot of just over 5,600 pearls. We decided to make strands with them, and they are ready as of today! Pictures are below the Facebook post!

We are planning a big Tahitian pearl promotion in August, so we'll probably hold off posting them onto the site until then! 



  • Barb Brooke

    Oh my, these are absolutely gorgeous! I would like one of those tin cup (is that what they’re called?) necklaces or bracelets with these. I hope they show up in one of your e-mails.

  • Joanne

    Ooh, gorgeous! I love Tahitians. My dilemma now is: Splurge in August or wait until September for the connoisseur sale???

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