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VIP: Very Important Pearls - something new and something fun!

2018 has been a big year for us. For a long time, we’ve wanted to change out our boxes, upgrade our packages, and really elevate the entire pearl experience. After making excuses for why it was never the right time, we finally bit the bullet and said let’s just go for it. Now don’t get me wrong, we were very excited… but it also took a LOT of trial and error, time, and energy. We wanted this to be perfect. We wanted the material to look good, feel good, but also be versatile. We wanted the boxes to be hefty but ergonomic. Something you could proudly present, but also use after opening it. Something that would protect the pearls during...

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Revisiting the Tahitian Pearl Harvest Strand

Happy (first blog post) of the New Year! Last month was a whirlwind. Christmas season at Pearl Paradise always means putting our all into getting every last package out and delivered before the big day. We have a lot of fun doing it and it’s a lot of work. During the whirlwind, I don’t typically have time for many of the “fun” pieces I enjoy making throughout the year. These are the pieces that take a bit of extra time and several revisits to get the look “just right.” But a request came across my desk and I decided to give it a go. Harvest strands are fun. Whenever we process large lots of drops, circles, baroques and rounds, there...

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A few interesting pearl finds in Hong Kong

Sorry I'm late! Hong Kong was fantastic once again and it really is starting to feel like a second home. I love Hong Kong in March because the weather is so perfectly mild. Contrast March with the Fall show and it's like a spring day in the park vs a sauna set on high! We were fortunate enough to find several things on wish lists and of course our staples, and also a few things that just sort jumped out at us. Like these akoya! I have to say, I don't really know what to think of these. But I'd never seen akoya that looked like this before, so home they came. Hisano didn't give me too much of a...

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My love affair with Tahitian Pearls continues

2014 could definitely be described as the year of Tahitians for us. We were fortunate to find a few amazing lots of dark peacock drops and colorful rounds, some of the most amazing Tahitians I've ever come across in sizable, workable and graded lots. We also had a lot of fun with Tahitians, working with a new type of baroque Tahitian pearl and getting creating with harvest strands. I don't know how many of those harvest strands I made in September and October but it was a lot. As some of my friends and clients know, this year I am keeping my eyes out for lighter, yet still colorful lots. While dark peacock Tahitians are the most valuable of all,...

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Tahitian Pearl Blues

We had a lot of fun with Tahitian pearls this year. In September we released a huge lot of dark peacock drop strands, something we had never done or been able to do before. The next month was the Connoisseur Sale, but we could have called it the Harvest Strand month given the number of them we made. But I decided to hold something back - something special to release on Cyber Monday - the special Rikitea rounds. Rikitea is known throughout the Tahitian pearl industry as the source for the best colors of Tahiti. The finest cherries, peacocks and dark blues overwhelmingly come from Rikitea. Dark Blue Tahitian Strands We have a total of 51 selected strands that we...

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