A Pearl Trip Around the World

Two years ago I was approached by a board member of the Cultured Pearl Association of America about a project that they had in mind. They wanted to send a film crew around the world, shooting pearl farms in China, Japan, Fiji, the Philippines and French Polynesia. I was asked to accompany the team to be the guide/interpreter/pearl expert.

My first thought was that it would be impossible to leave my company for the full month it would take to film in so many different locations, but after careful consideration I decided that not only should I go along, I had to go along.

As part of the deal, I have full rights to all the film shot on the trip and now have hard drives with hours upon hours of footage shot in some of the most exotic locations on the planet. To date, I've only used the footage from French Polynesia to produce the video below, but more videos are coming.

This was shot on the atoll of Takaroa in French Polynesia. Takaroa is a two-hour flight from Papeete and is as remote as it gets.

I hope you enjoy the show!


  • Nichole Hall-Permell

    Such a terrific short film showcasing the beauty that is the Tahitian Pearl! Jeremy, I first became familiar with your pearl expertise through a lovely book called “Tears of Mermaids” by Stephen Bloom. As a jewelry designer, Pearls have and always will remain my most favorite material; from the most ordinary to the most exquisite, pearls have an ability to capture one of nature’s most artful processes! I adore the enthusiasm you lend to this precious subject and look forward to more of your pearl travels!

  • Barbara Dix

    The Tahitian Pearl movie was fascinating. Wish we could have seen the pearls closer…like the bad ones and that light green one you called rare. I have never seen even a picture of one that light. Then there was the white strand. I guess I just need more! Thank you so much for sharing. BTW, did you see that worker wearing a Korn T-shirt. Rock and roll is everywhere. It reminds me of how small our world really is…even though after flying in little planes and helicopters for so many hours…you probably wouldn’t agree with that silly statement. :-)

    Jeremy, again, thank you for all you do to promote the authentic world of pearls.
    B. Dix

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