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Some very, very special Tahitian pearls next week!

We have something very special coming up for you next month! As most of you know, every year in the fall we try to do something new with Tahitian pearls. We've brought in large lots of intense peacock drops, which we drilled and matched into AAA and gem quality strands. We've done a dark Rikitea collection that featured a lot of blue and cherry strands. We've done one year of pastels and even one collection of white Tahitians. We've got something special again this year. Back in March, we met with a buying group in Hong Kong to discuss creating a collection of multi-color Tahitian strands that would be really, really special. The idea was to create a collection using only A/B graded...

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The Facebook Live Hong Kong Recap!

Just in case you missed it, we went live again today to show off some of the pearly goodies Hisano and Jeremy collected in Hong Kong last month! Enjoy!  

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The Ombré Pearl Collection

Last year we decided to try something new and a bit on the unique side by matching up natural-color, dark akoya with Tahitian pearls in a size and color graduation. The resulting necklaces and bracelets are insanely beautiful! We launched this collection just this past week and have sold out of nearly everything prepared before the promotion. The most popular piece of all has been the Ombré Bracelet, which we now have about a dozen people on a waiting list for. If you are on that list, or would like to be on that list, not to worry! We are creating new pieces as fast as we can. Matching these up is a lot more difficult than a simple white...

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