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And the link is ...

... posted! We hope you enjoy this special selection of pearls Jeremy mentioned on Monday. More one-of-a-kind pieces will be posted later today during the Google on-air hangout so be sure to tune in! You can get the link right here on the blog at 2 PM PDT. Remember, we will be sending out a newsletter with this link early next week.

Click Here to View the Connoisseur Collection

  • robin hirst

    How do I get on the video conferencing?

  • LNguyen

    So beautiful!

  • Blossy

    Waah, the drop earrings sold out before I could complete my details! Oh well, that’s what I get for taking too long (I was putting in the bizarre request for one earring to be white gold and the other in yellow gold, with a view to a couple of pendant conversions!)

    Not to be! Great selection though guys!

  • betty577

    Wow indeed!
    Managed to select earrings, but dithered too long and missed the edison pendant! Got to get those fingers flying!

  • Beth Welker


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