Something special for the true pearl connoisseurs

Over the past few buying trips to Asia, Hisano and I have begun spending more and more time finding special pearls that break from the norm; pearls we appreciate for their rarity and beauty - often individual pearls that are best suited to be designed around. We've started amassing quite a collection of giant baroque pearls, rare-colored metallic pearls, Giant Edison button pearls, and many pieces that just caught our eye. But given that so many of these pieces are one of a kind, they never really have the chance to make it onto the website as regular items.

August is going to change this, but with a twist! Hisano, John and Allison have been busy this month, creating a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces as well as special, repeatable pieces with very limited selection. This collection is being created with true pearl connoisseurs in mind, so we are going to do what we can to make sure the connoisseurs see the collection first!

On Thursday, we will be posting a link to the special page from this blog only - that is when the connoisseur collection will be made available. The page will not be linked to the main website like most monthly specials until next week, and we will not be sending out an email to our newsletter subscriber list until next week.

A Sneak Peek!

Metallic White Drop Earrings

8 mm, metallic white drop freshwater pearls on 14k French wire for $35 - only 12 pairs available

Three strands of perfect, metallic white drops

Large, color-shifting metallics with complementing colored stone combinations

One HUGE, undrilled 17 mm button-shape Tahitian pearl

One HUGE, undrilled 17 mm button-shape Tahitian pearl


  • Team PearlParadise

    They certainly are something, aren’t they!

    Email us the size you would like and we can check to see if there are any unset pairs left. Otherwise, Hisano and Jeremy head back to Asia next month in search of more!

  • maeve

    I absolutely love the White Metallic Freshwater Drop Pearl Earrings! Unfortunately, they are out of stock on the PP site.
    Will there be more available in the near future?

  • Franklin Lusak

    Really, the collections of pearl jewelry in this blog are simply amazing. I like Large, color-shifting metallic with complementing colored stone combinations pearl jewelry much and it doesn’t mean that rest of other jewelry are bad. All have shown their differences in design and structure of the jewelry.

  • Brenda Smith

    How exciting is that?! I love the metallic purple and gold pearl and colored stones!

  • Heidi Bertman

    My timing on the white metallic drops question was good! You’ve collected some utterly stunning items.

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