VIP ... Very Important Pearls

Hisano and I love to visit the international trade shows in Hong Kong and pearl producing places around the world. Our job is to find pearls that are suitable for the designs we make and sell on Pearl Paradise, but we both LOVE pearls. That means, when we find something special, we almost always buy it.

3.5 momme Japanese akoya pearl strand

Over the years, we've collected a number of special pieces. They might be individual pearls with amazing colors, or pearls that are simply so rare, we knew we may never see them again. But these pearls almost never make it onto our website.

A few years ago, we did hold a Connoisseur Sale and offered up so many of our rare finds. It was fun, but it wasn't a permanent page where we could add new pearls as they came across our paths.

We've decided to change that with our VIP, Very Important Pearls page

I hope you love viewing the pieces we've loved finding.

 Vietnamese akoya pearls with super-thick nacre

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