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VIP ... Very Important Pearls

Hisano and I love to visit the international trade shows in Hong Kong and pearl producing places around the world. Our job is to find pearls that are suitable for the designs we make and sell on Pearl Paradise, but we both LOVE pearls. That means, when we find something special, we almost always buy it. Over the years, we've collected a number of special pieces. They might be individual pearls with amazing colors, or pearls that are simply so rare, we knew we may never see them again. But these pearls almost never make it onto our website. A few years ago, we did hold a Connoisseur Sale and offered up so many of our rare finds. It was...

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A few interesting pearl finds in Hong Kong

Sorry I'm late! Hong Kong was fantastic once again and it really is starting to feel like a second home. I love Hong Kong in March because the weather is so perfectly mild. Contrast March with the Fall show and it's like a spring day in the park vs a sauna set on high! We were fortunate enough to find several things on wish lists and of course our staples, and also a few things that just sort jumped out at us. Like these akoya! I have to say, I don't really know what to think of these. But I'd never seen akoya that looked like this before, so home they came. Hisano didn't give me too much of a...

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A trip to Paradise (and Hong Kong)

My apologies for being a bit late on the Hong Kong pearl report. Shortly after Hisano and I arrived back in Los Angeles I had to leave again to attend my son's graduation from Delta Flight Attendant Training. We once again have a flight crew member in the family! Hong Kong was fantastic as it always is, but the best part of the trip was our visit to Paradise - Jewelmer's pearl farm in Tay Tay, the Philippines. It was my second trip to the farm and while it wasn't a leisure trip, it certainly felt like it. We brought a GoPro camera and shot quite a lot of video, including from a helicopter over the farm and underwater where...

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A few notable pearl finds

Following Hong Kong, I spent a week in Europe so we are just now getting around to organizing and categorizing all the pearls Hisano and I were able to find. We were able to collect quite a number of the metallic white drops that sold out in a day last April, and Hisano is currently making as many pairs as possible before reaching out to those awaiting their earrings and pendants. While we found quite a lot of amazing pearls, a few really stand out as being truly different. One strand of akoya was unlike any I've ever seen. We've often carried natural-color silver-blue, golden and natural-white akoya, but this strand is Pistachio. The pearls have a natural, pistachio-green body...

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