Congratulations JulieBeth - You're Going to Fiji!

Yesterday we held the anticipated final Fiji raffle. Congratulations Pearl-Guide member JulieBeth!

Julie has been a member of Pearl-Guide's community forum since March of 2013. She loves and designs with pearls. Some of her work can be seen here on Etsy.

We shot a video of the drawing and there is a surprise at the end!

Who wants to take the next Pearl Trip of a Lifetime to ... ??? :)



  • David S.

    My wife is a 7-year cancer survivor. I really thought I lost her, but she fought and she won! Our 30th wedding anniversary is in 6 weeks and I wanted to get her something she’d never expect and that we’ve never shopped for or even discussed before. I’m hoping that my custom designed, one of a kind, Tahitian Pearl/Diamond Pendant will help her to see how I appreciate and love her inner beauty, just like a rare and spectacular pearl.

  • Kevin Moore

    I’m ready to go

  • Romona Weinberg

    After the 30 days how much is it going to cost?

  • Amanda Howard

    I am taking all courses and ordering all books possible on pearls. They are my passion. My brother lives close to the Phuket farm and I’m dying to go and learn to educate my customers

  • Leslie Bare

    I am interested in going!

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