Exclusive South Sea Pearl event with a Unique Opportunity

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Join us on Wednesday at 1 pm Pacific for an exclusive event featuring a private collection of very rare South Sea pearls. Meet our founder and CEO, Jeremy Shepherd, and his wife Hisano, our Chief Creative Officer and creative pearl artist behind little h. Prepare to be mesmerized as they unveil some of the rarest pearls in the world. Come to shop, or simply experience the best of what Australian pearls have to offer.


We recently curated a private collection of exquisite, rare pearls for a private client to review. These are not ordinary South Sea pearls; each strand took up to a decade to create from one-in-a-million grade pearls in sizes up to 20 mm – Move over Wilma Flintstone!

These pearls are destined to be featured in several US locations under well-known and prestigious brands by the end of summer, and their retail prices have already been assigned, ranging from nearly $100,000 to over $1.5 million.

Before the collection arrived, we requested earring-ready pairs of equal size, color, and quality to complement each of these museum-grade strands – exactly what our client requested. This is a task few producers in the world can accomplish when the request is 17 mm, and all but one of the strands has a pair that complements it beautifully.

Once the collection leaves our possession, the pairs and strands will be offered separately. Finding future matching pairs will be a daunting task, making this a unique opportunity to create the perfect combination.

During this Facebook live event and for the two weeks following, we'll be offering the full collection at a 25% discount from its assigned retail price.

Mark your calendars and we will see you there!


Last month, our CEO discussed luster with Jordan Wentz from Jewels of the Trade on her YouTube Channel. You can catch a glimpse of a few strands from this collection here.