Press - LA Times, July 2010



Insinuate that pearls are old-ladyish to Jeremy Shepherd at great peril. “That’s ignorance,” retorts the founder of “The design possibilities are endless.” Shepherd’s status as L.A.’s go-to pearl pro is well deserved. Expertise aside, his enthusiasm is truly lustrous. “Pearls are the world’s only green gems,” says Shepherd. “They’re not mined, cut, polished—nor do they involve pollution-causing treatment. They come straight out of the water, beautiful.” Two such nacreous treasures: Tahitian and Golden South Sea pearls, the former roughly $200 each, the latter (“the Rolls Royce of pearls,” he says) $350 to $1,200. Does Shepherd credit Michelle Obama’s affection for the jewels for the recent surge in pearl popularity? Pause. “I’ve made strands that are similar to ones she has worn,” he says, “but Nancy Pelosi has brought us the most business.” A Cali-girl trendsetter? Sounds about right. Showroom open by appointment. 10951 Pico Blvd., Ste. 100, L.A., 310-474-8788.