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Over the past 20 years, Hisano and Jeremy Shepherd have traveled to pearl producing areas all over the world to build Pearl Paradise into the world renowned company it is today. Our founder and President Jeremy found the ideal partner in his wife Hisano, award winning pearl jewelry designer and Chief Creative Officer. Together, they bring transparency into the pearl industry and by controlling the supply chain, offer beautiful jewelry at lower costs than traditional retail which allows more people to enjoy the beauty that pearls have to offer.

A special delivery arrived last week...

One of the things that makes Pearl Paradise unique in the pearl world is the close relationships we have with the farms from which we source our pearls.

Current events have made it challenging to distribute and receive pearls as easily as we are used to. We have been fortunate to not only receive this amazing collection of beautiful Tahitians, but to be able to help our pearl farm friends out in the process.

From their vault to ours, we are excited to share these with you.

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