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Over the past 20 years, Hisano and Jeremy Shepherd have traveled to pearl producing areas all over the world to build Pearl Paradise into the world renowned company it is today. Our founder and President Jeremy found the ideal partner in his wife Hisano, award winning pearl jewelry designer and Chief Creative Officer. Together, they bring transparency into the pearl industry and by controlling the supply chain, offer beautiful jewelry at lower costs than traditional retail which allows more people to enjoy the beauty that pearls have to offer.

Celebrate all forms of love with Pearl Paradise this Valentine’s Day. We have a range of fine pearl jewelry for every special person in your life.

From gal pals to your soulmate, from your mother to your daughter – our guide offers a range of pearl sizes, shapes, and colors. Help our pearls find their soulmates this Valentine’s Day.

Gifts are beautifully packaged and ready to give.

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Hanadama Pearls are the finest, most beautiful Japanese Akoya Saltwater pearls. They are often called “flower pearls” as the shades of pink are said to be reminiscent of the famous cherry blossoms that bloom throughout Japan in the springtime.

All Hanadama Pearls come with a certificate of authenticity from the Pearl Science Laboratory in Japan. The key factors noted on each certificate are the unique certification numbers for each item, the nacre thickness, and surface grading as well as the aurora effect noting the colors of iridescence or “orient”.

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What are Freshadama Pearls?

Exclusive to Pearl Paradise, Freshadama pearls come from the top .01% of freshwater pearls produced today.

Freshadama is the highest grade of Freshwater pearls. In addition to the traditional white body color, these pearls come in a rainbow of natural pastel colors such as lavender, pink, and every shade in between. They are dazzling in their rich, bright luster, and their unique charm will last you a lifetime.


Their large size, limited culturing area, and extended growth period all combine to make South Sea pearls the rarest of all pearl types. Found in colors ranging from optic white to a deep, honey gold, these pearls are prized by collectors and designers alike. Their luster, whether white or golden, is soft and luxurious.

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