Three Reasons Why You'll Love Our Pearl Jewelry

  1. Fair Pricing Without the Luxury Markup

    Jewelry up to 80% below traditional retail prices. Luxury without the markup.

  2. Unmatched Expertise and Quality

    Pearl Paradise's Jeremy and Hisano Shepherd are renowned experts in the field of pearls. Jeremy wrote the gold-standard educational program "Pearls As One," and is the founder of Pearl-Guide News and Forums. Hisano is a multi-award winning jewelry designer and has been a professional pearl buyer for 15 years. Every pearl is hand-picked and meticulously sourced, ensuring you receive the highest quality and value.

  3. Transparent and Customer-Centric Approach

    Pearl Paradise is the first pearl company to offer virtual appointments with a Certified Pearl Specialist. This ensures a worry-free buying experience and allows you to see exactly what you're purchasing.

The Truth about Pearl Grading

  1. Lack of Standardized Grading

    Unlike diamonds, which have a standardized grading system through the Gemological Institute of America, pearls lack such a universal grading institution. This makes pearl grading subjective and often confusing for consumers, as no two grading systems are alike.

  2. Seven Qualities for Valuation

    Pearls are valued based on seven different qualities: luster, surface quality, size, shape, color, nacre thickness, and matching. This adds complexity to the grading process and leaves tremendous room for subjective opinions.

  3. Company-Specific Grading System

    Each pearl-selling company uses its own arbitrarily created grading system. This means that a pearl graded as 'AAA' by one company might be considered 'A' by another, depending on their respective quality and price ranges.

  4. Importance of Company Reputation

    Given the lack of standardized grading, the experience and reputation of the pearl company become critical factors when shopping for pearls. Factors like customer reviews, years in business, and relationships with producers are key indicators of a company's credibility.