Pearl Paradise Team Shares Their Gratitude.

Pearl Paradise Team Shares Their Gratitude.

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As our homes start to smell of pine needles and the crackle of the fire fills the air, our senses are tickled with the normality of what the holiday season brings. Be sure to find delight in the details, for we are all yearning for the tranquility and comfort of the years before. The Pearl Paradise team wanted to take a moment to embrace the ending of such a surreal year and share with all of you what we are truly grateful for. Here is a little hug from our family to yours. We hope you find comfort, peace, and joy this holiday season. 


Inta: This year provided so many challenges that the Universe/Mother Nature demanded everyone to stop, reflect, and focus on the things that really matter in life. It was not easy, but I think we will all come out better, more aligned with what's important. So I am grateful for that shift! I'm grateful this year encouraged me to start a garden and reconnect with nature, spend more time with loved ones in creative ways, heal some past issues, and grow in a meaningful way. 


Malissa: I am grateful that our morning gratitude ritual at Pearl Paradise has brought appreciating people for who they are to the forefront for me again more recently. Something that daily life often pushes to the backburner, but one of the most important things in relationships. 


Becky: I am grateful for my incredible support network, my coworkers, friends and family. In a year that has put many obstacles in everyone's path, I have been very fortunate to have a strong support system to help me navigate those as well as my personal challenges. 


Makenna: This year I am grateful more than ever for a roof over my head and food in my fridge. It gets so easy to take things like this for granted, and I must remind myself that not everybody has the luxuries I have. I am also grateful to be with an incredible company that I am proud to work for and be a part of an amazing team. 


Ely: I am grateful for health, family, and Pearl Paradise. During the hard times, we worked well as a team and have become closer. I have been able to grow my professional life, personal life, and spiritual life. Lastly, the inspiring notes about love and life from our customers brings so much joy to my day.


Jo: I am grateful that this year gave me the time to organize my home life. After staying at home for months- it forced me to get certain aspects of my home life in order to finally create a comfortable environment for myself. 


Bianca: These are the big things I am most grateful for this year: my Chihuahua, friends, family, neighbors, Trader Joe's, modern technology, independent radio, and Los Angeles weather. 


Seamus: I am grateful for the health and safety of the whole team as we navigated the pandemic as one unit. 


John: I am thankful for the continued health and well-being of my family, especially during this tumultuous year. 


Ana: I'm super grateful for my health, family, and my job. Thankful to have all my family around to celebrate another year. 


Kacie: I am incredibly grateful I have learned to love the little nuggets of joy that occur throughout life. Previous years, I suppose, I overlooked the little things and was always wanting/craving something more that will make me happy, when, happiness is being mindful and centered. Joy happens all around us all the time, we just need to stop searching and start living. 


Hisano: I am eternally grateful for the continuous support of our clients. I love sourcing the best pearls for our clients and my heart is filled with warmth when we are able to support anniversaries, birthdays and milestones during a time when stores are closed and traveling has been limited. This year was also a valuable time for Jeremy and I to spend time at home with our puppies and family.


Jeremy: I am so grateful for such a hard-working and dedicated team and forever grateful for our many clients and special pearl friends I've made this year.
Thank you!


Let us wrap this year with peace, love, and pearls. 


xx Pearl Paradise Team xx



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