Certified 9.0-9.5 mm White Hanadama Akoya Pearl Set Necklace and Earrings in white gold
Certified 9.0-9.5 mm White Hanadama Akoya Pearl Set Necklace and Earrings in yellow gold
9.0-9.5 mm White Hanadama Akoya Pearl Set

9.0-9.5 mm White Hanadama Akoya Pearl Set


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When you wear this perfectly matched set of hanadama akoya pearls, you will be wearing the finest pearls available today. There is no mistaking the shine, the glow and the beauty found only in the very best pearls. For so many, this is the Bucket List set of pearls.

The pearls in this set measure 9.0-9.5 mm in size. This is typically the largest size we offer. It is truly the epitome of quality and excellence in akoya pearls.

Your pearls are individually knotted on twin silk so the pearls never rub or scratch, and finished with a solid 14 karat gold. The earrings have secure friction backs that hold the pearls securely, and the clasp features a safety catch. Your pearls will always be safe and secure.

Hanadama akoya pearls come from a special category of pearls. While there is no recognized international standard for grading akoya pearls, every harvest produces pearls that are considered special, and these pearls are separated from all others and treated differently. These pearls are referred to as hanadama. They are reserved as the very best of the harvest. But even within this category, there is always a quality range.

For decades we have been working with the same family-run farms in Japan. These families understand our rigorous standards and select hanadama pearls specifically for us. They ensure these pearls are only the top range of the hanadama category.

Once the hanadama pearls are selected, they are imported and graded by our Chief Creative Officer, Hisano. She examines every strand and every pearl to ensure the quality is always up to par. She rejects any pearls that do not fall within the highest hanadama range. She has the best eye in the business and loves what she does. You will recognize the moment you open the box. These pearls will take your breath away.

Accompanying your set of pearls is a uniquely numbered and laminated pearl quality report prepared by the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan, which describes in detail the beauty and perfection of your hanadama akoya pearl set.

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Every piece of Pearl Paradise jewelry includes an individually prepared certificate of authenticity that states the origin, quality and characteristics of your piece.

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As nature’s art, pearls deserve beautiful “frames” for presenting and safekeeping. Our elegant presentation boxes and pouches beautifully showcase and protect your jewelry.

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You’ll receive a polishing kit with instructions for keeping your pearls beautiful.