Livestream Second Chance

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Since last summer, we've been hosting lively and engaging livestream events at Pearl Paradise. These events have been an absolute delight! Each session showcases a collection of specially curated pearls – pearls that are truly extraordinary. Clients can claim these exceptional pearls by commenting “It’s Mine” during the presentations. We then ship the pearls to them for free, including a return label. Clients have two days to make a final decision before returning them to us for drilling and setting.

These events have garnered such popularity that they've caught the attention of pearl producers and wholesalers worldwide. We've had the privilege of streaming live from the Sea of Cortez pearl farm in Mexico and the Lake Kasumi ga Ura farm in Japan. We were also invited to Kobe, where we hosted three days of streaming from wholesale pearl offices in Japan's official Pearl City.

This collection of loose pearls, strands, and finished jewelry featured in our livestreams has been individually photographed, with video clips from the events showcasing the particular piece.

If you'd like to see one of these pieces up close, we are happy to ship them to you for personal review. The pearls will arrive via free FedEx (US and Canada only), along with a return label for sending them back for drilling, setting, and more.

This is your chance to own a truly exceptional piece of pearl jewelry that is sure to turn heads.

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