We're about a week away from the big one ... :)

Pearl Paradise Semi Annual Sale Tahitian Pearls

Our annual clearance sale is coming up soon and we are excited to show a sneak peek of what we've been planning. We are bringing back the luscious Tahitian harvest strands and beautiful tin cups with colorful gem stone beads.



Tahitian pendants are perfect addition to any summer outfit. The cool tones of silver and green are great colors to pair for warm weather.


CP15-TAP66 9 copy

For our Freshwater fans we have playful ensemble of colorful jewelry.

Pearl Paradise Semi-Annual Sale White Pearls copy

These Edison drops have an amazing oil slick luster with rich body color.CP15-FBE120 6

This sweet orange Freshwater drop pearl is complemented with citrine beads. I can think of so many outfits to go with this pendant!

CP15-FWP112 copy

Many of these items are one-of-a-kind pieces or limited in quantity.

It all starts on July 1st! We will be adding products to the sale throughout the entire month of July!


  • Nathalie Gauthier

    Love the Romantic Collection Blue Akoya Pearl and Diamond Pendant!

  • CathyKeshi

    UhOh … :)

  • MrsD

    Wow. Just wow. I saw the sale from a notification in my email. I tried to tell my husband what I was looking at (because I made an excited sound), and I couldn’t talk—I had to look. I LOVE the triple circle necklace. LOVE! I don’t own a single colored pearl, but I would like to own that. What a lovely, sophisticated design. I hope it’s in a price range that I can get down with. Great job! And thanks for the heads up.

  • Mrs. PearlParadise

    Thank you Colette! We’ve picked some colorful Tahitians:)

  • Colette

    Absolutely gorgeous pieces!!! I especially love the Tahitian ones!

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