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The 7th Annual Pearl-Guide Ruckus

We were honored to host The 7th Annual Pearl-Guide Ruckus once again last month in the Pacific Palisades, just outside of Los Angeles! For those of you who have considered joining this growing group of pearl enthusiasts, pearl vendors and pearl farmers from around the world, maybe this fun video will help push you along. We love to make new Pearl Friends!  

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Pearl Friends continued: Wendy

"My husband traveled quite a bit for work and I had to mow our three-acre yard with 300 pine trees on a riding mower. Every week as I traveled in hundreds of circles around the yard, all I could think about was how wonderful these pearls were..."- Wendy We are thrilled to continue our interview with Wendy Fairchild for this week's blog post. Enjoy! Wendy and her husband Bill at Jeremy and Hisano's wedding ceremony Everybody loved the jewelry that you wore to Jeremy and Hisano's wedding, can you tell us a little bit about it? I was at the Malibu Ruckus two years ago. I was interested in finding a White South Sea strand to go with a pair...

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Pearl Friends: Wendy Fairchild

Wendy Fairchild is a prominent member of the online pearl community whom we've known for many years.  As you'll discover from this interview, she's had an eye for pearls since she was in first grade! Her opinions, taste, and pearl knowledge are just as impressive as her collection of breathtaking pearl jewelry. A big thanks to Wendy for sharing lots of pictures and beautiful memories! We have so many of Wendy's pictures and memories, we've decided to split this interview into two separate posts. Watch for part two next week! Wendy's Tahitian souvenir 1. So what was your first piece of pearl jewelry? My husband and I went on vacation in 2000 to Moorea, French Polynesia with two other couples.  I...

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Pearl Friends: Cynde Newberry

For our first interview in this series, I had the pleasure of talking to Cynde Newberry.  She's a long-time friend and customer whose visits we always really enjoy.  Luckily for all of us, she brought in some of the breathtaking pieces from her collection that she describes in her interview below.  Once you see the photographs of these exquisite pieces, you'll understand her advice on selecting pearls "that speak to you and make your heart sing."  Thank you Cynde! 1. Let’s start at the beginning- where and when did your love for pearls begin? Did the women in your family own and wear pearls? My birthstone is diamond, so my love of jewelry began with diamonds. Gifts and tokens of...

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