For Our International Friends - Black Friday Sale Issue

Update: It appears we have been able to fix the glitch just in time!

As many of our friends and customers know, we recently revamped our website. Today we discovered a glitch that is preventing some international customers from completing their orders. We are working hard to determine the cause and find a solution, but it is very possible some people will not be able to complete their transactions this evening during our Black Friday sales event.

We realize that our this sale is very popular and we certainly don't want anyone to miss out! If you are one of those unable to checkout and would like to take advantage of the Black Friday sale tonight through tomorrow, please email the item number to us at as quickly as possible. If the item is still in stock we will mark one piece out of stock and set it aside for you.

For those that miss out, we will do whatever we can to make it up you. We sincerely apologize in advance.

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