A Pearl to Bridget

We have been deeply honored to be a part of the “A Pearl to Bridget” project, a grassroots project started by Malinda Humes and Alisen Dupré, to honor a courageous breast cancer advocate Bridget Spence. Her story of fighting Metastatic Breast Cancer beginning at age 21 has inspired thousands of people around the world. She recently posted her last blog post, asking her friends and fellow advocates for one last favor.

"It is time for me to ask each of you to let me go. It is time to say goodbye. Over these past six weeks, my ability to breathe has been compromised. Every breath is a struggle. I cough all night and most days. I am exhausted. My mother and brothers have flown in to help.  I'd like to stop working and go enjoy a nice cold drink with my husband on a beach somewhere. I want some time alone with him. Time without doctors appointments and scans, without work, just the two of us. No PI3K pathways. No trials. No hospitals. Just Bridget and her Big Man."

Over the past three weeks, more than 500 friends of Bridget have ordered single pearls for Bridget, which we have turned into finished jewelry for Bridget and her family. Each singular pearl represents a person touched by Bridget, her important message and her courageous story. Half of every order and all shipping fees were donated to the Susan G Komen foundation in Bridget’s name. The donation in Bridget’s name is $5,122. 

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