A line up of natural pearls!

We were doing a clean up of our pearl photo files and came across this gem today! We shot these natural pearls nearly three years ago for some project that we can no longer recall.

For those in the know, you'll find natural abalone pearls, giant clam pearls, conch pearls, pearls from the Pteria sterna, penn pearls and more. We just felt that this photo was too cool not to share!


  • Juan Manauel


  • Sølvi Birgit Hajem Svendsrud

    love it

  • Jeremy Shepherd

    Of course! I remember that. We’ve taken so many cool shots together!

  • Blaire Beavers

    It was made because of me! I asked Jeremy S. and Jeremy N. to shoot some natural pearls for Dona Dirlam at GIA. We called it the “S of Naturals”. After seeing that it was in the shape of a letter, it was thought that it might be the first letter of a paragraph in education. I still have the image on my computer.

  • Douglas McLaurin

    Really cool photo! Thanks for sharing it

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