Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2017

Pearl Guide Ruckus 2017We just finished hosting the 9th annual Pearl-Guide ruckus! Several dozen of our friends from the Pearl-Guide forum gathered here in for a weekend of festivities! We rented a beautiful estate in Beverly Hills and had a packed weekend of pearl talks, friendships and delicious food!

We had an amazing lineup of speakers this year! Pearl farmers Douglas McLaurin and Josh Humbert both wowed the group with their expertise and stories. Authors Renée Newman and Blaire Beavers also spoke, and Bali Pearl Farm trip winner Ruth Johnson "took us with her" showing us a video presentation of her pearl trip of a lifetime!

This year we tried something completely different! We were on Facebook live almost the entire weekend! And the videos are still there!!! If you would like to know what a Pearl Ruckus is like, check them out here!

The weekend culminated with a visit to Pearl Paradise, where we opened the vault and hosted the pearliest party of the year!

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  • Elbert

    I have these beautiful south sea pearls there bracelets I has 28 6mm long x 4 mm wide exstemly Beautiful I See none no where there over a 100 years old with the original oblong sliding clasp then my next bracelet has the same pearl but there 8mm Long by 4mm wide with tiny black pearls or talisman 22 pearls with 7 tiny round Black pearls can anybody tell me what I have what kind of pearl would that be then 2 more bracelets Akoya with jade and amethyst strung with the Akoya pearls Genuine Yellow Gold clasp then the other has designers initials CP with round Akoya pearls and round black beads those I know the small pearls what are they called can’t find them no where on any website there really old please tell me what I got are they rare there south sea pearls but 8×4 Mm then 6 mm long x 4 Mm wide South Sea pearls Thank you

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