A Short Conversation with Hisano

After the success of our very own Chief Creative Officer's showing at the Las Vegas JCK Jewelry show, we decided to create a short video in which she shares her inspiration and process behind her International Award Winning Pearl Geode and Finestrino Collection.

We hope you enjoy!


  • D. Jones

    Wowee! The little h Collection is truly innovative—and so beautiful! Well done, Hisano.

  • Mrs. PearlParadise

    Hi Barbara,
    I believe Erin is helping you with the seed pearls. Please let me know if you have additional questions at hisano@pearlparadise.com

  • Barbara Brooke

    I have e-mailed with Lyndsey recently about tiny little seed pearls made into a short necklace and bracelet.
    Are these the ones she was talking about?
    Please let me hear from you,

    Barbara Brooke
    Frederick, MD 21701


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