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We are headed back to Hong Kong

It's time once again for the big March Hong Kong jewelry show and Hisano and I are heading out this weekend! We will be surrounded by millions upon millions of pearls and will be meeting with dozens of producers and processors from all over the world.

As usual, if anyone has a special request, please feel free to email either myself (Jeremy@) or Hisano.

Metallic souffle freshwater pearls

loose grade pearls used to make freshadama

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  • Jeremy

    Hi Barbara,

    Yes, please drop us a line!

  • BWeaves

    Barbara: If I were you, contact them by e-mail, online chat on their website, or just call them. I always get a good response those ways.

  • Barbara E. Brooke

    Did you all see my above notes? Please respond and let me know. Thanks,

    Barbara Brooke
    Harrisonburg, VA

  • Barbara E. Brooke

    Any chance for 3 of these gorgeous pearls at the top of this page being made into a necklace ….. 3 different shapes on a cord?
    Barbara Brooke

  • Douglas Mclaurin

    Dear Friends,
    Please have a great time there…enjoy your stay but stay away from the chicken sashimi!
    Please keep us posted on your finds :)

  • Mark Rimmell

    The pearls at the top of the page look wonderful..I would love to have some of these maybe 20/30 or so for a project

  • Jeremy

    I can definitely assist with this! We’ve gotten two new Tahitian pearl lots in this year so far, so we can certainly add some great colors to your strand and lengthen it another 15 inches. Would you mind sending the strand to my attention?

  • Leila Anderson

    Hello Jeremy:

    Last summer I purchased a 21 inch Tahitian harvest strand from you. I now would like to purchase additional metallic blue, blue-green or teal Tahitian pearls to increase the length to 36 inches. I don’t care how the pearls are shaped, baroque, keshi, or round – but I want them to be in the same size as the initial pearls – around 10+mm. Can you help me on this? I talked to someone at PP (Fig??) about 2 months ago but you only had a few colorful Tahitian pearls left.

    Many thanks, Leila Anderson

  • Barbara E. Brooke

    I also neglected to mention that they appear to have slightly different colors or casts to them. If there could be 3 of different shapes and slightly different colors or casts … I’d love that.
    Thanks again,
    Barbara Brooke

  • Barbara E. Brooke

    Hi …. I wrote to you on your other area, but thought I’d put it here too. Those pearls at the top of the page that the gentleman is holding are absolutely exquisite! I would dearly love to have 3 different shaped pearls, on a cord, in heart thoughts of my 3 children – all adults.
    Would you do this for me with these beautiful pearls? Can you give me an approximation as to how much it might cost? What is the name of those pearls?

    Thank you so very much and I look forward to hearing from you. I am very excited about this.

    Barbara Brooke

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