Pearls as One:

Back in September, I wrote about the new Cultured Pearl Association of America Pearl Certification course I worked on for more than a year. It was one of the biggest and most time-consuming projects I've ever taken on, eclipsing even the book I wrote a decade ago.

The labor of love was worth it! Over the past five months, more than 1,500 people have enrolled in Pearls as One and the feedback has been overwhelming. Our goal for the first year is 10,000 enrolled. I think we're going to get there!

If you haven't enrolled in course yet, do it while it's still free!

Just sign up and redeem (don't forget to CLICK redeem) this coupon code: PEARL10951PARADISE and you'll get into the course for free.


  • Michelle Buettner

    Like Judy above, I too am a GIA grad (pearls – 2006). Over the years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your videos and your articles. I have stalked the Pearl Paradise pages, drooled over videos and also Hisano’s jewelry line. I stepped away from my passion for awhile and I am very grateful to you for offering this wonderful opportunity. I’m excited to start the course and I look forward to submerging myself back into the fabulous word of pearls once again!

  • Tracy

    Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks so much for creating this course! I would like to enroll, however is the redemption code still valid now? It seem not working when I enter it into the blank of “Redeem Coupon” and click redeem. Many thanks!

  • Cathy Dassler

    This course is a remarkable achievement. I’ve taken the course, and highly recommend it to anyone … a mesmerizing journey around the world and through history, by way of lovely pearls and fascinating people. Prepare to be amazed, astonished and astounded by ingenuity, science and beauty! My grateful Thanks and Congratulations to Jeremy Shepherd and everyone involved in creating this course!

  • Jeremy

    Thanks Judi! I am so glad to hear!

  • Judi McCormick

    I took this course, even though I had GIA certificates and much personal research and investigation. It was a fabulous update for me with new information, as well. Wonderful videos and photos.
    Thank you, Jeremy.

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