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Just another blog?

We don’t think so!

For years, friends and customers have suggested we maintain a blog on Pearl Paradise, but with our time commitments to writing on and our Facebook page, the thought of starting something new and spending the time needed to really make it worth our friends’ time to read seemed a daunting task. But we’ve decided to commit!

Over the next year you will not only be hearing directly from me, but from our team members as well. It will offer an glimpse into the Pearl Paradise family and provide real pearl education, detailed accounts of pearl buying trips around the world and some of the most spectacular pearls we find along the way.

As this is a new endeavor, we invite your participation and suggestions. Do you have something in particular you would like us to discuss? Is there a pearl question you would like us to answer? We would be happy to oblige. This blog is for you!

A remote atoll of French Polynesia, home to one of Robert Wan's many pearl farms

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