First Ever Golden South Sea Harvest Strand

Over the past few years I've had a lot of fun with harvest strands, creating dozens with Tahitian pearls and even a few special strands with freshwater pearls. They're fun because every strand is so unique with a look all its own - a true expression of organic pearl beauty.

While in Hong Kong this past March, I visited a good friend of mine who owns a farm in the Philippines. We spent the good part of an afternoon talking about the industry, about Pearls as One, and the new fun things we were working on.

I mentioned creating a massive, 74-inch harvest strand back in January and received a blank stare. He had never heard of a harvest strand before.

Pulling out my phone to show photos, I explained to him that a harvest strand was a necklace composed of all the beauty one would expect to find in any given harvest, artfully arranged to complement the beauty of each pearl. His interest was piqued. He asked me if he could make one and send it to us.

Here it is! The first ever golden South Sea pearl harvest strand, created by THE producer of golden South Sea pearls in the Philippines. It is the first one of it's kind.

Gold South Sea harvest strand

Philippines Harvest strand gold pearls

The 45-inch strand is a stunning mix of keshi, baroque and rounds as large as 14 millimeters. And there is something else special about this piece of art ... something only a pearl farmer would be able to accomplish. Even with the rarity of some of the pearls in this strand (like two-tone white and gold keshi pearls more than 25 mm in length), he did something completely unexpected. The pearls are matched across from each other.

Simply magical.

Matched golden harvest pearl strand

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Please let us know what you think. Our friend in the Philippines is eager to know!


  • Theresa Gust

    So different and beautiful.

  • Regina Allen

    Oh! my goodness lovely

  • Donna Parfitt

    The pearl necklace is absolutely gorgeous. WOW Takes your breath away

  • newberry

    And it found it’s perfect home :)

  • Goldie Huttler

    Absolutely Stunning!!!

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