Scott, Director of Web / IT, PearlParadise
Director of Web / IT

Scott is Canadian by birth, moved to Los Angeles when he met the girl he couldn’t live without and had to chase her all the way across North America to ask her to marry him. Scott now calls sunny LA home.

Educated in computer programming with a background in art, Scott naturally progressed into a career in web design and development. During the dot-com boom he created his own design and development business that he ran successfully for over a decade. He still works on freelance projects and business ventures in his free time away from Pearl Paradise.

Scott has worked with some of the most well recognized brands in the world as well as all 3 levels of Government. His web projects have seen millions of dollars in revenues go through their checkouts and over the years he continues to take new courses and learn new skills as he considers himself a life-long learner in an industry that never stops changing and growing.

Scott is now the Director of Web/IT Operations for Pearl Paradise. Scott manages the day-to-day web operations while overseeing the development of new and exciting changes in this area of our business.

With some exciting new features to be launched on our site in the coming year, Scott will play a big part in making those happen.

Scott is also GIA Certified in Pearls.