Akoya Pearl Rings

Akoya pearls are known for the perfectly round shape, sharp luster and classic beauty. They have been the most popular type of pearl for nearly 100 years. The akoya pearls we use in our akoya pearl rings are selected as stand-alone pearls. In other words, they are the best; pearls that should be showcased for their beauty.

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Retail Price: $500.00

Priced From: $112.00

Item: SRR-Wisp-JRM

Retail Price: $500.00

Priced From: $115.00

Item: SWR-Love-JRM

Retail Price: $500.00

Priced From: $123.00

Item: SWR-Stark-JRM

Retail Price: $500.00

Priced From: $129.00

Item: SWR-Nimue-JRM

Retail Price: $500.00

Priced From: $129.00

Item: SWR-Scroll-JRM

Retail Price: $500.00

Priced From: $130.00

Item: SWR-Starlight-JRM

Retail Price: $550.00

Priced From: $136.00

Item: SWR-Regency-JRM

Retail Price: $600.00

Priced From: $144.00

Item: SRR-Ascend-JRM

Retail Price: $600.00

Priced From: $150.00

Item: SWR-Embrace-JRM

Retail Price: $700.00

Priced From: $160.00

Item: SWR-Ribbon-JRM

Retail Price: $700.00

Priced From: $165.00

Item: SWR-Swirl-JRM

Retail Price: $720.00

Priced From: $180.00

Item: SWR-Romantic-JRM

Retail Price: $900.00

Priced From: $185.00

Item: SWR-Prim-JRM

Retail Price: $890.00

Priced From: $222.00

Item: SWR-Wave-JRM

Retail Price: $1,100.00

Priced From: $280.00

Item: SWR-Hera-JRM

Retail Price: $1,200.00

Priced From: $293.00

Item: SWR-Sparkle-JRM

Retail Price: $800.00

Priced From: $296.00

Item: SWR-Dew-JRM

Retail Price: $1,300.00

Priced From: $315.00

Item: SWR-Classic

Retail Price: $1,800.00

Priced From: $361.00

Item: SWR-Posh-JRM