White Pearl Sets

A staple in every jewelry collection is the set of white pearls. The versatile sets we offer include a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings. They can be worn together or individually. A set of white pearls is three different pieces of jewelry in one.

29  Results

Retail Price: $1,120.00

Priced From: $224.00

Item: FWS100

Retail Price: $1,400.00

Priced From: $280.00

Item: FWS200

Retail Price: $1,900.00

Priced From: $428.00

Item: FDRS-Romantic-W

Retail Price: $2,200.00

Priced From: $447.00

Item: FDS100

Retail Price: $2,000.00

Priced From: $469.00

Item: SWS100

Retail Price: $2,400.00

Priced From: $482.00

Item: FWS300

Retail Price: $2,000.00

Priced From: $506.00

Item: FDRS-Joy-W

Retail Price: $2,600.00

Priced From: $521.00

Item: SWS110

Retail Price: $2,700.00

Priced From: $546.00

Item: FDS200

Retail Price: $2,700.00

Priced From: $548.00

Item: FDS-Trinity-JRM

Retail Price: $2,400.00

Priced From: $550.00

Item: SRS-Tiara-W

Retail Price: $3,600.00

Priced From: $737.00

Item: SWS200

Retail Price: $3,300.00

Priced From: $747.00

Item: FDRS-Duet

Retail Price: $3,100.00

Priced From: $789.00

Item: SRS-Posh

Retail Price: $5,200.00

Priced From: $1,043.00

Item: FWS500

Retail Price: $5,000.00

Priced From: $1,131.00

Item: WRS-Desire

Retail Price: $5,900.00

Priced From: $1,184.00

Item: FDS300

Retail Price: $5,300.00

Priced From: $1,190.00

Item: WRS-Romantic-JRM

Retail Price: $5,500.00

Priced From: $1,253.00

Item: WRS-Athena

Retail Price: $5,600.00

Priced From: $1,267.00

Item: SRS-Elegance

Retail Price: $8,000.00

Priced From: $1,610.00

Item: FDS400

Retail Price: $6,900.00

Priced From: $1,745.00

Item: FDRS-Kiss-W

Retail Price: $8,700.00

Priced From: $1,968.00

Item: WRS2-Always

Retail Price: $10,500.00

Priced From: $2,378.00

Item: WRS-Frost